H8 speech

Hate speech, conspiracy theories, extremism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, mysogonistic, racist, racist, racism, of the worstest kind known to peoplekind!

Am I the only one who has heard these words often enough? In fact, they have all been beaten to death and continually bludgeoned into an unrecognizable sort of literary steaming pulp! It would actually be a bit of a kick to see an inventive journalist come up with something new now and again just to shake us all to the core, would it not?

But just to examine the first one in the string, for instance, we find that the powers seem to want to keep the definition of hate kept rather loose. In fact, I really haven’t run into a decent definition anywhere which clearly spells out just exactly what sort of speech will get my arse stuffed in the can, or even a great example of what it actually is, for reference.

Many lame-butt definitions have been attempted, usually along the lines of “any speech that…” blah blah blah “is designed” yada yada “to denigrate or cause hostility towards” blah “niggas, spics, whitees, pesos, chinks, gooks, japs, wetbacks, kiwis or similar”.   And journalism that targets a group like one of those is apparently enough to do the trick. Hopefully someone is your circle is kind enough to visit you every second sunday, should you be found guilty of forming naughty sentences.

But with all the discussion around it I think I have actually hit on a better definition than the alphabet media group. And i’m going to trot it out right here and let you check it out: I think h8 speech is actually “speech that certain people higher up on the foodchain than yourself, hate”. It is in fact, speech that lawyers and judges and central bankers and politicians, hate to hear!

And the recurring theme appears to be that they hate to hear the truth! Blunt, frank, honest, slap your face with a wet tuna, truthfulness is anathema to those who habitually lie and distort reality in order to serve their oft-nefarious purposes.

And it’s kind of understandable when you hold it up to the light just right. It makes them look pretty crappy to have certain things pointed out, such as the fact that it isn’t necessary to defend the country by flying to the other side of the earth and bombing the half-digested rice and sushi out of some poor fishing villager in the south china sea. Or to  print horrendous new insane amounts of cash in order to fund indexed pensions for all the retiring govt employees on the face of the earth, reducing the value of everyone else’s savings in order to benefit those who have served the public, whilst strving the public for several generations previous, or to fund the war machine and the rest of the candy the elites “require” daily.

Julian Assange is paying the price, languishing as he is in a british prison, for his hate speech. Apparently he is close enough to death that about 30 doctors signed a paper, begging that he be allowed to be examined and medically treated so he doesn’t die of his care in prison before he sees 60. And what was his sin, except to expose the crimes of the state for public viewing on wikileaks? H8 speech. Speech “they” h8.

And as always, you are welcome!

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