nwo vulnerabilities

The insulting and preposterous moves of the new world order gaggle are horrifying to those fringe minorities who care about such dainties as being able to travel beyond sight of their personal domicile, being able to acquire luxuries such as unbuggy bread when they wish, and not having their personal thoughts continually scrutinized for unauthorized violations of global authoritarianism on a continual basis.

Much has been written, said, recorded and documented. It is possibly too late to act to change the situation now, but if we were to desire to stop this song and dance, how best to proceed?

One suggestion would be to focus efforts on the things they are spending their wealth to achieve. These philanthropists are not going to waste large chunks of the personal net worth just for the sake of getting rid of it. What they fight against the most viciously exposes the weaknesses of their agenda. Apparently there are many of those weaknesses. Let’s consider a few, shall we?

Under the ruse of a suffering, groaning and moaning climate which needs our help or it will mysteriously die an agonizing death, they have implemented world-wide restrictions on travel, close personal interaction, eliminated smiling, church attendance, personal interaction even at times between aging spouses, large public gatherings, public dining, and the support of small businesses. In addition, any media mention of healthy living, or the consumption of fresh fruit, a great source of vitamin C, getting fresh air and sunshine, ivermectin and of course, speaking freely about whatever we care to discuss.

Again, why would a billionaire media-owner-controller be concerned enough about what the woman on the street is discussing on social media, to direct her resources to shutting it down if it were not seen as an enormous threat to her plans of world domination? And it is! More and more people are becoming aware of just what sort of pain is ahead if we don’t get a grip on these people.

Recently Canada’s pm visited the Yukon. The “right-wing” paper reported that about a dozen showed up to protest and the chosen photo showed two individuals, one holding a cardboard sign and the other waving an expletive flag.

Turns out the protest was a bit larger than what was reported. There were around a hundred protesters and the crowd was quite unruly. This despite the fact that Justin’s movements were not announced publicly so there was no time to prepare the protest, just the fact he was coming at some uncertain time, but word got out and there they were, one protester even following him around reading to him and asking if he was aware of certain things/ quite comical and would have made an interesting read in the morning rag, but nixed. Apparently public protests are an effective way of drawing attention to discrepancies and so they are minimized by the press. The same thing of course, happened during the trucker protests. Crowd sizes are misreported, and protesters are characterized as being fringe minority lunatics. There is a reason for this.

Protesting works, but it has to be visible to large swaths of the population, loud and non-violent. When this type of visible meaningful protest occurs, those who see themselves as being powerful, will rarely show themselves and instead send their minions out to quiet things down and in the process reveal their plumage for what it really is: mere plumage.

The recent global assaults on our food supplies give away another vulnerability. Who controls the food supply controls the country. And this is impossible on a global scale if we revert to a more local food production style. Here in my own little corner for instance a bylaw was enacted in 2020. Rather than re-typing it all i have chosen to provide small glimpses of one or two sections. No roosters are allowed, only up to 12 hens and an officer has the right to inspect anytime and confiscate and destroy any and all birds at anytime. I am not lying. Does that sound like a reasonable approach to the non-problem of someone obtaining his own eggs on his premises? And this in a northern bush village of 500 people?

I find it interesting that dog ownership is frowned upon as well and no dogteams are allowed within village limits. What the actual? This is the Yukon!

The cultural genocide which is occurring reveals another vulnerability in the new whirled odor. Apparently, any sort of individuality is an obstacle to the new system being proposed. Hence the need to erase all symbols of cultural identity, such as the disposal of statues of those who accomplished feats of heroism in the past.

We are at the point where the only thing likely to work is mass civil disobedience, and it is heartening to see this happening all over the globe. People have finally had enough, and they are at the point where the humiliation of cowing to authoritarian bullying has tipped them over to the risk side of the equation.

The nwo wants you disarmed, unable to travel, with your money under their personal control, with your life and your children’s lives, their education and their injection regimen under their direct control at all times.

Grow your own food, own firearms, hunt fish and gather, barter directly and form local associations, support local small businesses, buy from the source of production, speak your mind freely, raise a puppy, travel freely and gather frequently in large groups, go to church, even if it’s just to peeve off the wef.

You know the weaknesses of their plan. Now you know what you can do about it.

“Stick to your aim; the mongrel’s hold will slip,

But only crowbars loose the bull-dog’s grip.

Small though he looks, the jaw that never yields,

Drags down the bellowing monarch of the fields.”

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