only their science is science!

As we all know by now, it’s only true if you see it on teevee and everything that conflicts with what’s presented there is a conspiracy theory….obviously.

I remember a young boy in about grade five sitting in a Saskatchewan classroom, for once paying attention to what the educator-man in front of that huge map of the world with the chocolate bars on it had to say.  The boy found the subject matter of the day intriguing: it was a description of “science” .

science is about questioning things

Now, this particular employee of the state had a deep authoritative voice and he apparently loved to use it.  He often told us stories, some of which I still remember many decades later, many of which he  repeated for emPHAsis.  He was quite entertaining to listen to and usually held the boys attention quite well which was a hurculean achievement all by itself but today, the topic of science especially interested the young boy, and that boy was me.

Science in general terms is the pursuit of knowledge. He told us that science is not just for scientists and that anyone can do science.  Imagine that!  The process begins with an observation, maybe of some kind of a pattern, after which a hypothesis is proposed.   A hypothesis is a theory of why this particular thing is occurring or has occurred in nature.  Then experiments are performed to test the validity of hypothesis, either proving or disproving the hypothesis.  Perhaps the hypothesis holds to be true.  In this case more experiments are performed to test the theory further and either reinforce or falsify it.

This process is never-ending, and what seems a valid hypothesis might be disproved even decades later.  Anyone can step up and disprove the hypothesis at anytime and at this point a new one can be presented and tested yet again. 

I do not recall being taught that science can ever be settled.  True science is always in a state of flux.  

I remember finding that statement, that science is always changing as new outcomes appear to be unsettling. How to govern oneself when there is no absolute certainty of fact?  And yet, the only way science could ever be settled would be to close off all exploration of the subject matter, turn off the lights and go home for a cool one, which is apparently exactly what has happened on all the topics in our time.  We just know that we know and that’s it.  Anything else? 

The great hypothesis of our age then is what?

The great scientific hypothesis of our time is that evolution has brought us to this huge towering  enormous sky-high pinnacle of progress and we have become so wise in science that we can now manually interfere with the processes of nature in order to produce superior results.   

Apparently we started with modifying plants, reducing their ability to reproduce.  I planted some store bought potatoes this spring and they produced 
new potatoes the size of mouse testicles.  Then I learned that I must now buy “seed potatoes” because the normal type no longer reproduce.  Ok. Fine. So the scientists have accomplished something for us all anyway.

They’ve also produced cereal crops that are “roundup ready” .  Now roundup, before it was banned was a healthy chemical which killed all the plants so leaving  your crop protected while the weeds were not protected seemed like a brilliant solution except that apparently the ability to survive roundup has moved somehow into the weeds as well and a much tougher weed has been formed.

Encouraged by these successes scientists moved on through the food chain, excitedly modifying all kinds of plants and taking the flavour out of them very successfully for the most part.  Who needs flavour anyway, right? 

Moving on to the zoological world, they’ve begun humanizing mice and I do not know what these mice look like and I do not want to know.  Personally I was never a very big fan of mice in the first place but humanizing them seems to be a huge step backwards in the evolutionary process!  I mean do we really need mice acquiring huge tracts of land?  Experimenting with genetics?  Raping the land for profit?  But that’s science I guess.

But, anyway,  just to postulate a new hypothesis and challenge the current thinking, if I may, what if the theory of evolution is false and an intelligent being or beings is/are  responsible for our existence on this little blue golf ball zipping through space?  Many people already believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and have no problem believing this life could be superior to humanity so my theory that a superior intelligence could have formed the world and populated it with plant animal and insect life shouldn’t be so hard to digest but apparently, the science is settled on that topic, at least for that last bastian of infallible knowledge, the teevee.

If the theory of random chance is in fact totally false and intelligent beings have set things up the way they are for some very good reasons as of yet unknown to us, we may be really peeving them off by rearranging all the genetics the way we are, sort of like Leonardo Dicaprio might feel if someone screwed with the Mona and messed with her smug, self-satisfied smile.

And that’s brings me too my final point.  Again and again, Mr Epp told us the story of the man in an argument whose final point was “it must be true! It’s in the book!”  Decades later, this same man would be shouting, ” It must be true!  I saw it on my teevee! The science is settled!!!”

Thanks for reading and filling your bahrain with indigestible thought material!  Please come back for more so you can remain thoroughly confused and disoriented.

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