let them eat cactus

As in 911, when I initially underestimated the effect the demolition of the twin towers far away in distant New York City would have on my family and my business here in the remoteYukon , I’ve made a similar miscalculation with the reset virus.

After totally decimating my tourism business, the reset virus has begun screwing with my personal and business banking as well.

I’ve banked with Scotiabank since I was about 12 so we are talking “several” decades here, and I have never, in all that time, failed to repay what I have borrowed with interest and fees on top, even at interest rates of over 20 percent, and this includes a few visa cards.

Having made a few attempts to cancel these cards in the past, from which i was discouraged by being required to go through the hurdle of visiting the manager and making an appointment, I decided recently to try once more, and was rewarded with instant success this time, as the teller literally cut my card to pieces with a scissors behind her virus-proof screen!

In fact I have cancelled 2 of my 3 credit cards considering them to be redundant and an open risk for fraud, with no required interview. Is credit beginning to tighten?

I’ve read a ridiculous amount of stuff and am dimly aware of the seismic shifts soon to arrive in our financial and govern men systems and thought to add a bitcoin account through coinbase as a means to retain funds internationally should the need arise one day. The first purchase went through without a hitch a few months ago but now a snag: it seems my bank of many decades, or more specifically both visa debit and visa credit forbids me to purchase any bitcoin at all, either using their money (credit) or my even with my own cash (debit account)!

I found this situation to be more than slightly unsettling and when I pressed the middle eastern voice on the line to explain, he claimed they are not allowing money to move to bitcoin “because it has been associated with money laundering” (unlike every other form of currency ever devised on the planet I suppose?) I did not waste my time pointing out the elephant in the room, that obviously bitcoin is a rreal threat to our decaying fiat financial system as is physical gold and silver btw, but that took some real restraint on my part.

Digging down a bit further begs the question: should a banking institution be telling me how to spend my own personal money as if it were in fact their own? It is a strange feeling to have your bank inform you that they will only allow you to use your money, which you have presumably earned through honest effort, in ways in which they approve.

Will this process now continue? And are we looking forward to a time and a world where we will only be permitted to spend our own money in state and/or central bank-approved ways? Yes.

Prepare accordingly. And on that note, a very funny dream i had a few nights ago had me putting on a course for 200 people out on a grassy hill i do not know where, instructing them all how to eat cactus!

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