the mostly peaceful war

“Globally we are so far above the population and consumption levels that can be supported by this planet that I know that one way or another it’s going to come back down so I don’t hope to avoid that. I hope that it can occur in a civil way, and I mean civil in a, in a peace, peaceful way. Peace doesn’t mean that everybody’s happy but it means a conflict isn’t solved through violence, through force. But rather……… in other ways…..    So that’s what I hope for.”

So we got another billion people, we’re now at 7? So we have to get back down. I hope that this can be slow, relatively slow,  and in a way that’s relatively equal. So that people share this experience so that you don’t have, you know, a few rich guys who force everyone else to do this. So those are my hopes. I know these are pretty optimistic hopes I know”.

Dennis Meadows Club of Rome. I think back in the 70’s or so who cares.

Whew! Sure glad none of that’s happening eh? Whew! That was a close one!

But they really gave it their best shot anyway and how that’s going?

Well, first of all we need to get our heads around how we got here in the first place and I’d like to suggest the problem has been built up over decades and generations through decisions designed by people-pleasers just simply trying to please people.

See its much more difficult to tell the kids there won’t be any dinner today because you were a bum and sat on your bee hind watching cat videos all month, than it is to pull out the 28 percent and go buy some over-processed, die-injected, gobbamint approved goop and call it lunch.   And on a larger scale it’s simple enough to imagine that politicians are loathe to be gaddafi’d for their crimes, offensives and infractions, so they’d way rather paper the problem over and hand it to the next boob unfortunate enough to get elected.

And here we are, multiple generations later, and the mostly peaceful op de pop has been folly  implemented and… dang…not enough people are dying!    Oh sure, some have succumbed to the mysterious new sudden death syndrome, some have slowly ebbed away, but an awful lot have had their bodies buggered up for nothing and shucks, who could have seen that one a’comin’?

So now our fearless leaders have the expense to the tax base of the venom-injured survivors in addition to the normal costs of caring for an ever more aged population!   The pensions we don’t have to pay because the pensioners that have weirdly died somehow, do help the national balance sheet but if you injure more people than you kill, you’ve really increased the costs of running the country, and nullified the gains of the whole operation, haven’t you?

So we can imagine that a recently divorced software developer on an island somewhere is probably having to answer a shipload of emails and maybe that’s where that  maid-in-hell idea was hatched, you know what they’ve carefully named “medically-assisted-in-dying”.

The thoughtfulness of these population managerial types really is quite over the top actually.    We tried to kill you peacefully so we don’t have to hit up the tax base again or plunge us all into still more national debt, but instead we’ve made you suffer and increased our expenses so we were just here thinking about the problem you have and….   Here’s a pillow for you granny, nice and soft and peaceful don’t you find?

Well, I’m afraid there may not be enough takers so what’s next on the agenda? I mean the pressure has got to be mounting on that software guy!   After all, the expectation was that these venom-shots would kill a lot quicker than they are. They were advertised globally as being effective after all so what’s the hangup? We naturally expected that it wasn’t going to be instant death for everyone who rolled up the sleeve to win because it might have raised suspicion if someone happened to see the bodies going out the back door while the wannajabs entered the front door but come on, it’s been years now and the cities are still teeming with useless eaters and deplorables and untermenschen breeders.

 The software guy clearly said the boosters would help to speed things up but apparently people are tougher to kill than ferrets .   Who could have guessed?   Not his fault really but products are supposed to function as advertised even if you have legal immunity.    And even if you have legal immunity is he also immune to lead-poisoning by some peeved off authority who has gotten the opposite effect of that advertised? Hopefully his security detail has been informed of these added risks and the power stays on so the cameras keep feeding properly!

Hey, would it be ironic if he gets sued into a van down by the river, not by the injured, but by the states and institutions WHO were promised many more deaths than the injections delivered?   Is big pharma protected from the backdoor too I wonder?

See all protection, whether in vax form, or legal, has its limits and similar to the famous unsinkable ship, so does big pharma’s protection.   It’s like those labels inside the safety helmets that inform the wearer that “this helmet does not provide unlimited protection”. You put the thing on your head, but now that you’ve read and understood that statement you don’t just go laying your noggin on a railroad track for the heck of it.

But anyway, whole new industries are about to be built based on blood purification techniques and rehab facilities will need to be built for the vaxxed-up-beyond-all-repair and people will i suppose be trained in the wiles of convincing the vaers to off themselves, and these industries will churn out gdp for politicians to point to and convince their creditors they are worth the risk of the new investments they are seeking and the games shall continue…

Or maybe the venom-shots just need another great big shot of 5G all at once and the skinny software dude got the mix right after all, idk.

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