balance o’ power y’all

The despicable Mao Tse Tung, who killed tens of millions of his own people during peacetimes is quoted as having said, “political power comes from the barrel of a gun”. He understood how this works.

And today, what do we have but a certain class of politicians who are quite eager to wrest our firearms from our cold dead hands if needs be? There are basically two reasons they might want to do this. One is their basic primal fear that someone may finally have enough of their rapacious lying and their endless greedy thefts and the other is that “cracking down on gun violence” makes them look like the concerned wunnerful people they constantly claim to the brainwashed masses to actually be. If we only unnerstood how Much they CARE about us all !! They only want what is best for us !! ReAllY !!!

I have some experience in sales: people rarely if ever ACT on logic alone. What moves them to ACT is invariably emotion, and fear is one of the most basic and powerful emotions!  Usually, when we argue our case, we post statistics and charts and try our best to convince the extremely logical non-shooting public that taking guns from hunters will do nothing to fight crime and will cost a lot of money……and how is this working out for us so far? 

So perhaps it is time for a change of tactics?

I suggest hammering away tirelessly on 1 key point:

1) the undeniable fact is that ~someone~ is going to have guns no matter what happens to this country. And Who do you want that to be? That obese beta male living in his gramma’s basement bathroom, who suddenly finds himself in a flak jacket with a badge, a brand new white flashing-light-festooned suv and an assortment of assault weapons at his disposal?  

Fighting fire with fire can be a sketchy tactic for sure, but in the case of defending our heavily assaulted freedoms, I think the idea has merit. Our enemies want to strip us of our firearms and the enjoyment they provide by manipulating the public fear and presenting themselves as our own personal wunnerful saviours. Perhaps we can use the increasing public distrust and fear of their intentions to our advantage for a change?

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