dangerous ideas

“If there were no double standards there would be no standards at all”
“The problem is there are just too many half-wits running around with double standards these days”

Corruption, graft, deceit, drug-smuggling, thievery, prostitution, gum-chewing, heck you have to dig pretty deep these days not to find that grungy stuff, especially now that we have an internet and don’t have to rely on the alphabet gang for infos anymore.

So the challenge of our day is to find solutions involving ways and means of isolating ourselves from the theftocracy of the day so that we can carry on basic life processes and such. And just one good dangerous idea put forward at the right time might create the needed mechanism to do just that!

And theese ees probleem for aspiring tyrants!!

So much so in fact that you could command a pretty high paygrade if you could develop an algorithm which was capable of censoring dangerous ideas on, idk, something like the biggest social media empire on the planet or what have you. Because dangerous ideas are lurking out there like so many covi’s in extremist fringe brains and you just never know when one of them may light up on you and begin decimating your control mechanisms and creating cancerous freedom clusters within your purview!

The last two years have changed my life in some ways for the better. I have been discovering ways and means of making this fraudemic work for me instead of against me so the next time they throw one in my direction I will know just what to do.

I have used the time to learn more about the financial machinations of the system in which we live, for instance. It’s made to look incredibly complex but the simple truth is as founder of modern day banksmanship, Mayer Amsheid Rothschild once put it, “give me control of a nations money supply and I care not who makes its laws”

Would you like to know how to free yourself from the financial empire which has enslaved us all? Or to gain more control of your life? Get out and stay out of debt? Live a more soul-satisfying life? Two simple steps will get you started: Just stop buying stuff and reduce your use of the official currency! It’s really not that complicated, but how about we walk this back a bit.

Whatever we buy initiates a process. Even if I have the cash, when I buy a thing I create a hole in my wallet which needs refilling and when I refill the void with new income… well, behold the taxman cometh yet again. Shocker! I’m so shocked shocked I tell you! So buying only what I really need, and in bulk is a real hindrance to some wannabe tyrant out there somewhere.

But I have even more dangerous ideas! How dangerous is that?

Here’s another one. Barter wherever possible and this might not work so well in your local distribution center but a whole lot of producers of raw goods of all kinds will be happy to consider a trade once it is pointed out to them how neither of you need to report any income because no cash is changing hands.
But be sure to check out the legality of any such arrangements you make lol.

Yet another dangerous idea is to do everything in your power to get out of debt and stay out. “the borrower is servant to the lender” after all so which end of that transaction do you prefer? But if punishing interest rates aren’t a problem for you do carry on buying stuff you cannot afford and the international banking cartel will be forever in your debt.

I know I know getting out of debt is tough. As a banking ad once correctly stated: loans make life easier… at First! It took this farm boy years and years to learn that simple lesson, decades even but looking back, if, when I realized I was in trouble, I had just sold everything I had, lived in a cardboard box for a year down by the river and eaten uncooked flour while working two jobs I could have saved myself 20 years of debt slavery. Instead, “I did it my way!” Tada and whoopdeedo. Which goes to show how dumb I really am but maybe you can get a laugh and learn from one of my blunders…

note: any similarity to my early life is purely on purpose

And while we are on the topic of said blunders, GoFundMe has rewritten the book on stupid, first published many years ago by the fool that thought it would be a good idea to have an object the size of a small cabbage determine the lives of billions of people. What do I mean? Well, by openly stealing seizing and, and “redirecting” personal funds donated for the benefit of the amazing truckers in Cubanada, they have helped set a legal precedent enabling banks and financial institutions of all kinds to steal “redirect” your personal funds in any direction they or any wild-eyed, power-lust enflamed, fearful for his own safety, tyrant orders them to send it.

And this highlights another point: would you consider asking a friend for money so you could give it “to the ever-present poor”, maybe make some videos of their poverty to enhance the effect, do this on a global scale and scrape a bit off for your personal needs?

Neither would I. Perhaps it would be better to simply adopt someone whom you know is genuinely in need and hand them the cash directly and leave the middle man to his fate, doing something genuinely useful for a change.

And, yet one more thing, slightly off topic but there i go again, haha: speaking of precedents, if it is ok to mandate the injection of venoms and such into the genpop, why is it not okay to make certain withdrawals as needed, say of kidneys, hearts, lungs and other vestigial organs , especially when an overlord is in need of one?

So keep checking back and discover yet more terrifyingly dangerous ideas, if you dare…. it just might be worth it idk.

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