looks like we are all commies now…

You do have to hand it to them do you not?

Less than 6 months and the entire world, with but a couple of exceptions is living the marxist dream in full technicolor! And if you believe we are ever going back to the freedoms we had please give me a call at 1-800-ima-sucker and ask me about the bridge i have for sale at the bottom of the lake.

What we are experiencing is not a lab accident oops but a planned demolition similar to Bldg #7 on 911. Only this one is a planned demolition of the global financial, social, religious and all the other systems to issue in the new world order mentioned over and over by George Bush senior and illustrated on the world economic forum’s website. A false flag with an invisible enemy, designed to terrify and force the world’s inhabitants into unquestioning acceptance of their precious new world order. A new world order of full spectrum dominance over every aspect of your life.

Hahaha just a conspiracy theory you say? Perhaps conspiracy fact might fit the situation justa bit better? How else do we explain the 2 meter distancing being practiced world wide, the lockdowns world wide, the global masktarding, and the whole related population control schmeer, so similar from island to island and continent to continent? This is not the result of random governmental reactions to the black death but rather the result of a planned onslaught of programming through globalist owned media outlets. And might i add, the programming has been a complete success. I know this because nearly everyone with whom i bring up the subject quickly begins defending the official narrative by pointing out how this is very very bad and the spanish flu killed huge numbers in 1918 and the daily cases are rising again and…. So nearly all of you have bought the story and are totally at peace with the border closures and the social distancing and the whole full meal deal with fries, corona and extra covid.

So, fine and dandy i guess. Enjoy the boxcar ride. My point is mainly that what has happened to us in a very short moment in time is we have traveled down a perfectly straight line from a voluntary transaction-based world to a cubanization of the entire globe, and nearly no one even chirped! This to me is outright amazing! Is everyone completely unaware of what this will mean for their futures? Have we really all learned nothing from the cubans floating off their island on anything that floats in desperate attempts just to be rid of Castro’s communism? Or the 60 million plus Chinese citizens who perished under the cruelty of Mao Tse Tung during peace times? Or the brutality of various other totalitarian regimes in our own day?

I would also like to mention something else. Before the alleged pandemic, government staff, working and retired were already drawing a considerable sum from their tax bases in many countries. Certainly some of this could be justified by the services provided to the public, but just as certainly a lot of these massive withdrawals are less easily justified. Then we have the social safety nets of democracies. And now, added to all of that weight on the productive class of nations, governments have shut down businesses almost completely and printed (those that have central banks) and borrowed (those nations that do not) the funding to replace what was previously being earned prior to Mr Covid’s grand entrance.

The current situation is virtually indistinguishable from global communism! And what is so wrong with that? Now everyone can just stay home, fiddle with the internet and the remote and enjoy their governmen gifts of beer and chips without the sports! Paradise on earth, right?

Well, why not have Everyone just sit at home for the rest of their lives and live off digits dropped in their bank accounts? No one will need to work anymore and it will be great right? If you think that will work, please call me about that bridge, or if you get a chance, maybe have a chat with a refugee from a communist country.

“He who would sacrifice his freedom for safety deserves neither” .

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