the great disconnect

Look at the giant enormous ginormous egantic BIG YUGE NUMBERS i just printed on this PAPER!!

Are you not suitably IMPRESSED?

Looking at physical vs paper (spot) in the gold and silver stores, it’s pretty obvious a paradigm shift is occurring as some are discovering the difference between real and paper assets.  Imagine trying to use a certificate saying you own 10,000 rolls of three-ply instead of the actual 3-ply in the shatter and you get the general idea. Or perhaps present your girl with a notional gold 40 gram necklace, and see how that plays out.

And the principle carries over into nearly every aspect of our lives.  

What is money for anyway? It’s a store of value and a trading convenience.  Not a lot more. And if it all disappeared tomorrow, houses highways, hilton’s and hills would remain. Our currency has been excelling as a trading mechanism for centuries but unfortunately, some clever fools have figured a way to manipulate it for their personal benefit.  The waitress puts in a twelve hour shift and takes home a couple hundred, and the central bankster clicks enter and creates a biillion dollar bailout for his uncle’s oil enterprise.  Does this seem fair to anyone?  Not much equality in that equation, is there eh?

So it’s clear then that from the above example that there  is a real economy and a false economy and only those near the printing press benefit from the fake one, or enjoy the privileges of that economy.  Jerome Rothschild can announce whatever he wishes and the waitress-moms are not going to benefit whatsoever from his largesse despite all the talk of trickle down.  Perhaps we all need to refuse accepting frn’s for our real services and see how long it takes to finish the great unwind?

It’s really hilarious to consider what is happening. Imagine the stupidity of allowing a certain member of society the privilege of printing ownership of physical property at will. Everyone else for example, needs to either build his own home or buy one from the market, paying monthly mortgage installments or simply renting, while our favored example sits at his computer and prints himself ownership of a whole city in a mere second. Why do we allow this distortion of reality to occur? The whole monetary fraud should never have occurred in the first place and the production of currency should have been the most strictly controlled industry on earth. Instead, today we have the ludicrous situation of banks being granted total freedom to create as much debt and issue it in any direction they choose, without having to show any reserve balance whatsoever to back up the amount owed! This is absolutely and totally absurd. No one should ever be granted such a privilege for any reason….ever!

It’s the equivalent of a car dealer selling ownership contracts for brand new one ton diesel trucks to thousands of customers without a single vehicle in his lot, or on order, or being created in a factory. How on earth, was this situation every allowed to occur?

And if, you think for a minute that allowing these people to remain in the fiat currency driver’s seat is going to fix a single solitary broken doorknob, well, let’s just say i have this great underwater bridge i’ve been thinking of selling… deal of a lifetime. Please drop by the office and let’s have us a chat!

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