this has nothing to do with money

This has nothing to do with money

Six months ago we began hearing about an exciting new virus, with symptoms “like the common cold”.

Today, local town leaders are worrying about declining tax revenues due to massive business slowdowns and closures. And these slowdowns actually do affect local governmens (sic) because the tax revenue from business is useful as collateral for obtaining loans for continued operations and pensions and office supplies ‘n’ stuff.

So within a half year we have gone from a crappy normal to a new normal to a shiddy normal and I know this because my own social life has been affected to the extent that if all I had left for the duration of my life was my place and my cat, very few adjustments would have to be made!

But don’t you wish you had had the foresight to invest in a company producing latex gloves, masks and ventilators or one specializing in vaccine development like one Mr Gates did, to the point of selling out of one of the most successful computer companies in the world so he could go all in at exactly the right time? Whad a guy dat guy! Amazing timing he has!

Then there’s this: In Switzerland a major grocery company, Migros is pulling a decades-long favorite “Moor-head” chocolates from their shelves and giving them to their employees for destruction because of public outcry (the media) who insists the chocolates are guess what? That’s right. These chocolate favorites are racist. Can you believe that?? And here I thought chocolates were just a tasty treat! I really need to up my game it seems…

And of course the timing of this corresponds perfectly with the switch in favorite news narratives from the bug to the race riots in the good ol’ USA of murca. And what is more amazing still is that the people lining up outside Migros in Switzerland are being made to stand 2 meters apart, just like in Dallas, in Whitehorse, in London and pretty much every city and town of the world you care to name.

If you are a newshead like doug martens you will have noticed the global narrative running through the system, switching like the seasons but much much more suddenly. Starting a few years ago, climate change was killing the planet but then the novel virus hit and gave us a pandemic which killed the same amount of people as the sniffles knocks off every winter, but then that was pretty much forgotten when George Floyd had his lights turned off by a white supremacist cop and the world went bonkers rioting and burning Wendy’s Burger shacks to put a stop to that shiite and the rioting over that jumped the ocean and got all lit up in Europe too. See where i’m going with this?

Well maybe this will help:

All these news writers all over the world, hopping from a focus on climate change to a pandemic to systemic racism with perfect micro-timing down to the minute? Does it not raise the possibility that perhaps the media outlets are being used as a propaganda tool to further the interests of a billionaire or two?

Or will you go with door number two and continue to believe with all the mAsses that by some amazing coincidence all the newswriters in the world got enraged at the same time about poor George Floyd and forgot about climate change and the virus and decided to create some mass rioting all over the world, just for kicks?

Patterns  give us clues as to what is going on behind the curtain and it is a well-known fact that false flags are often created by the controlling class to force people into bloody conflicts with each other to sell them weapons as huge profits flow into their personal vaults allowing them to carry on bravely for yet another day. And when we see the entire world moving in lockstep with whom the boobtube is telling it to hate this week then perhaps we should consider this is happening by design?

Imagine, if you will, you are a multi-billionaire with literally no worries whatsoever about your next cellphone bill. What do you do with your time? Making money is automatic for you. You have it down to a fine science. You are bored with your own stinking success. You notice that news outlets seem to be having considerable control over the thinking of the mAsses and that this thinking always affects their actions. You wonder if it might be a good idea to buy a news outlet or 200, force encourage some writers to say what you want them to say and have yourself a little fun! It would be like playing warkraft but in real time, with profits in real time! Bonus!!

But yeah, this has nothing to do with money. *insert eyeroll emogi*

Someone somewhere is laughing his rrrrrr’s off at us all, folks. Now where did I leave my remote? Oh yeah, I don’t need one because i don’t have cable… or the dish…. Hey! Maybe that is why i am such an oddball…

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