a tale of 2 economies

A tale of 2 economies

scarcity, not abundance is what makes a thing valuable…

A puzzling thing is happening all over our little blue golf ball these days.

It’s as if reality has been replaced by fantasy. Or as some clever dude/dudette once stated, “reality is just an escape for those who can not face their fantasies”.

You have to wonder where it will all end up though. Take our economic structure for example. The economy slows and big brother decides it’s time for some stimulation so he whips out his printing keyboard and poof! a half a trillion appears from nowhere and is promptly issued to his bankster buddies so it can trickle down yeahright to the hungry masses waiting expectantly below but sadly zero crumbs fall to the floor so they just have to do it all over again I guess.

This whole charade of dollar-printing reruns is creating a world of two economies: One for for the .01 percent and another for the rest of us poor slobs. It’s interesting and fascinating that railcars have become a liability to the banks and that commodities have been languishing while paper wealth ratchets daily higher for the elitist$ who own it.

It’s almost as if those driving this cycle have no idea where they’re going at all and simply stare ahead grinning like cats with the pedal to the floor as the Ā speedometer registers bigger and yet bigger numbers! Can you say “dollar-confused”?

Buttt…what will all those precious trillions buy for the uber-statists in the end when the basic structure of society has completely crumbled beneath them? Who will buy the apples when the starving majority can no longer afford to pay attention? Who will till the soil? Who will hew the wood and haul the water when it takes a trillion bucks to rent a room for a night?

Do they expect producers beneath them, those producers who actually produce a useful product that is, to work for fresh air and sunshine indefinitely, because I certainly don’t intend to do so!

Picture this country, if you will, without govt checks going out each month. How would your community look in a month? Or if the cheques kept coming but the buying power disappeared? Same exact thing, wouldn’t it be? Huge stock prices are irrelevant for those who don’t own them!

One possible positive result of a total economic meltdown would be a slow realization that if all the paper wealth were to be hoovered from the earth and dissipated into space, everything we need would still be here and all we’d have to do is learn to barter until a new convenient currency could be created.

Me? I’m not holding my breath because I think that would get Really uncomfortable long before anyone realized we can live without money. So, maybe we’re all a bit dollar-confused wouldn’t ya say?

oh and…
Fishermen are still the best people! 

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