the truth is a conspiracy theory

really? would you like to share with us all what led you to this new belief system of yours?

Someone has pointed out that the truth is like poetry: no one wants to bloody listen to it.

But unlike poetry, fortunately the truth can normally be silenced with a simple pair of words, indicating the speaker is about a half a bubble off plumb, and a rampant consumer of tinfoil, oh hahaha.

Yet, were you to go to the gym, it would be expected you were making that move not to make your muscles smaller or your joints less supple, but rather to improve your general physical condition. And if the human brain is a sort of muscle, those attending university would be expected to do so with the expectation of strengthening their minds, not weakening them.   You would think that graduates of universities and colleges would be more questioning of what they are being told, more eager to seek valid confirmation, more interested in new ways of thinking, instead of simply reducing themselves to the hive brain mentality so evident all around us and especially in academic circles.

You might even expect it would be possible to take a course called ” critical thinking 101″ or ” how the state misleads the people” but I strongly suspect you would search hubs of learning in vain for such majors.

Well, at this point in the discussion our tinfoil garment wearing friend would be pointing out that the powers have a vested interest in shutting down the free thinking crowd because they interfere with the profitable business of the welfarewarfare state. You know, keeping as many people on the tv and chips program as you can whilst quietly bombing populations on the other side of this big floating pizza thingy we call earth.   But again, we can shut out all of that irritating sort of thinking with those two simple words, so all is well.

It’s interesting  that you can be charged with conspiracy to commit murder, as though actual conspiracies exist in nature, and it is a well known fact that many hands make light work, and that some level of cooperation is necessary for any family or company or country to become and remain productive.   Lead, follow or get out of the way is actually pretty decent advice because disrupters interfere with progress and need to be sidelined as early and as quickly as possible, obviously.   But there is a danger in that, or rather several.

What if the disrupter of the daily agenda is actually onto something?   What if she sees something you don’t see? Perhaps she is pointing out a danger to the well-being of the group and you, as it’s leader, fearing your leadership is being challenged, perform a rug pull and continue your course until the whole ship is aground and you are utterly humiliated as captain?

A thoughtful leader might actually want to keep a free thinker or two on his team, just to lend a different perspective on the situation, but thoughtful leaders are unfortunately a rare breed as a look about the room quickly confirms.

Here in the yukon we have our very own medical expert, relentlessly warning us of imminent death by virus, and do you know what he recently offered up as the latest sterilized medical advice to us all?   The distilled wisdom of the medical ages? “You must not breathe the same air”. And for context, he was referring to self isolation after arriving back in the territory.   You must stay in your own room and not breathe the same air as other people in your apartment or house.

Hmm, have they color coded air so we can tell who has breathed which air or is it still all the same color?

And wait, there’s more.   The tinfoil hat camp is being referred to as “dangerous” and why is that?   To whom is it dangerous to have the wrong thoughts expressed, to have dangerous words spoken?   Is the guy in the bakery in peril because his customer warned him of state-business interests putting him out of business in order to force his customers to shop instead at Malwart?   Or are the powers correct in labelling this customer “dangerous” because having the public understand what they are up to is dangerous to them?

It isn’t that great of a stretch of the imagination to imagine that the leaders of major corporations and the rulers and authorities and satraps and precepts who meet in Davos to discuss our demise futures each year might be slightly more concerned with their own futures than they are with that of woodcutter doug, or baker gerome.   It is also more than possible that their interests might include reducing the population of those demanding a steady flow of chips and teevee to keep them from rioting all over their towns and cities.

And if that is so, they definitely would have an interest in shutting down the speech of those who insist on pointing out the deadly effects on us all coming out of those discussions of theirs.   Those two little words have worked so very well for many decades now, but there are getting to be a larger number of those who see through that plastic safety sheet and it may be necessary to take a grimmer approach to silencing them. We shall see, we shall see, in the meantime, the truth remains a dangerous conspiracy theory for the foreseeable future.

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