time to shrug?

He didn’t say “we” did he?

On the world economic forum’s webpage, there was or is a page with a very happy friendly looking young man with perfect white teeth and the caption reads; “you will own nothing… and be happy!”

What should jump out at us is the pronoun at the beginning of the message; the very first word of the message: the little word “you”.

In communism, if I understand it correctly, no one owns anything, so this new system the PP (pinacles of power) are hellbent on implementing by 2030 is apparently not ccorrect communism, but something different, and would probably be more appropriately described as fascism.  The unholy union of government and private stakeholders.

And this is an important distinction. Why?

Because if we really were all in this together, wouldn’t you expect the slogan to read: “we will  own nothing.. and be happy?” The author of that gem had zero intention of including himself in this new form of impoverished happiness!

So from that little pronoun at the beginning, it is quite clear that the pinacles of power have an agenda of owning everything and by everything I mean everything, including the water you drink, the air you breath and even the physical body you have worn since your conception.

Plants that have been modified belong to the genetic designer of said “new plant” so presumably the concept would carry over to genetically transmogrified humans as well. Have you taken the jab? You are arguably now the property of some stakeholder somewhere, branded as it were, by cowboy bill or wrangler klaus as the case may be.   “Herd” immunity anyone?


But the problems have been articulated often enough and not enough thought has been put into what we are going to do about it.

Option A: go along with it, get every injection, follow every mandate, sew a mask to your face,  pay all your taxes and fines, never say anything against the new world order for fear of losing your temporarily valid state issued cryptocurrency and use that to buy the products available at your distribution center based on your social credit score.

Option B: physically overthrow the PP

Option C: public demonstrations and protests, paid ads in the paper, object lessons perhaps..

Option D: legal challenges. Fight them in the courts.

Option E: fight this financially

If option A, going along to get along were your style you probably would be at home today, cowering in your apartment and glued to the most trusted news source so we can reject that one out of hand.

So we who inhabit this street corner are left with fighting this, perhaps to the death if needs be using options B thru E, or combinations thereof.  But make no mistake!   Your death is something the PP would not be super choked about, despite their many assurances of caring about your precious safety. In fact, turning everything the state says upside down to get at the truth is not a bad concept to follow but that’s another topic…

So we need to fight this or the PP agenda will be fully implemented and you and those you like will be treated like cattle, your work and diet and geographical locations determined by stakeholders you will never even see, while the pinnacles live a completely different sort of life, jetting thru their blue skies enjoying the many pleasures available to those who own everything… and are happy.

That is the flip side of the plan, the one you don’t see until you flip this turtle club upside down and get a good look underneath.

So how do we flip this turtle on its back so it’s feet kick helplessly and it’s underparts are available to its natural predators?

If you give it some thought you can see we are controlled bY the monetary system.   I learned this in this city over forty years ago when I tried to make 3 dollars and 66 cents buy a weeks worth of grub while working on my feet all day.   It was a great experience!  It taught me it’s better to be someone’s pet dog than a man in the city with no money!

The ones who control the currency control the world. Therefore, ending our need for their currency ends that control. Is this possible? May I suggest that  those of us rebels refusing the PP’s transmogrification program is going to result in no alternative other than starvation!

The fiat currency we use today is passing rapidly into history’s dumpster and what is being rolled out, already with a prototype in China is the CBDC: central bank digital currency. Local banks will disappear, cash will be worthless works of art, and if you comply acceptably you will be issued a certain amount in your world digital account, which must be used before it’s expiration date or be forfeited. Of course, as a side benefit, your life with all its intricacies, will be controlled in every respect by those who issue this new currency and isn’t that just such a comforting thought?

This is the true not so great reset; a reset of the financial system, necessitated by the folly of borrowing governments and individuals who simply forgot to stop digging when they hit the bottom of the hole!

We here in the yukon have some options at least, versus those who live in deserts or worse, large uninhabitable cities!  We live in an area rich in resources and many of us have skills and knowledge which will be increasingly valuable in the coming years.   But we are poor in terms of cooperation amongst ourselves. Some may survive on their own longer than others but eventually all humans need other humans for their care and protection.

There are not that many articles entitled, “I did my own brain surgery” out there, or, “I removed my own appendix” and theees eeez pro Bleeem!

So my proposal today is to get to know agricultural producers, dentists, those with medical knowledge, mechanics, woodcutters and so on who are sympathetic to our cause and need the services and goods you offer.

Political laziness got us here.  So many of us just decided to stay out of .gov and just let things slide instead of becoming activists or being labelled “extremists” and so we have this result.  Political rogues have taken our country without firing a shot.

However, these protests are not a waste of time or resources.  Quite the contrary.  Imagine for example that what is happening in Ottawa has awakened a mere ten percent of Canada to the “antics” of the hierarchy and only ten percent of those who have awakened begin to push back against these fools in suits.  That is 38000 people pushing back against the system.  Tough to control a mob of that size.

The trick going forward will be to deploy, retreat, regroup and re-deploy in new terrain, causing them to expend huge volumes of cash and effort in a fruitless attempt to crush dissent.   Believe me when i say that Canadians are royally peeved off right now and won’t accept a limp handshake apology from Margaret’s boy.

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