if peace means war, does no mean yes?

What if corruption, theft, rot and deception were to become so commonplace that honest healthy, hard-working types came to be seen as diseased freaks crying out for their own destruction and elimination ?

We already have Phase 1 of this program reaching completion in our corporate media/governance system so it isn’t that great a stretch of thought to imagine the productive class not only being silenced but taken out behind the barn for the magpies and coyotes as well.

white, working class suspicious types

In fact, if a person were to watch the news-tainment and turn every statement upside down to get at the truth, some of us wouldn’t fault you for that and this of course goes double for political statements issued by the brandons of this world.

So perhaps it’s time to use this inverted language of theirs. this government-speak to our own advantage?  Just turn every order, mandate and advisory upside down and do the exact opposite?  
But how would this work in practice you ask? 

Glad you asked! 

First of all, simply rebelling against everything everywhere might not work out so well I’m thinking. The light turns to red so i hit the gas? Speed limit 100 kph so I double it? No U-turns eh? I do not think I want to take this quite that far.

So a little bit of what used to be called common sense might be in order here in this skulltripping moment of ours.

Having gotten that out the way and said that to cover my arse for your personal safety and protection, there are a great many laws which are really nothing more than revenue generation schemes to supplement the tax base and all of those who slurp it up in such great unwatchable gulps. Whatever the parasitic class cares to name the fund generation device, whether fines, income, property or sales taxes, carbon penalties, bridge tolls, parking fees or what have you, the effect is the same: revenue generation for those charged with the hard work of making all those micro-decisions for us here down in the muck where the crops are grown and the oil gets pumped.

But of course these revenue laws are not the only things we need to relegate to the dumpster fire of history.

In the tourism business I once came upon a thing which shocked me to the core. (Doesn’t take much. I’m shocked to the core about 5 times a day now) Having joined our local association here in the Yukon because I wanted to resist the big push at the time for all sorts of delightful new regulations and penalties being planned for the tourism sector , I drove the 2 hours to Whitehorse to attend the meeting, completely unaware that our tiny little association was pro-regulation! The realization of this fundamental difference between my vision and theirs slowly dawned during the meeting when I dared to overstep my bounds and suggest that perhaps the industry was not in need of quite so very much regulation.

The association chairman at the time, quite rudely told me to mind my place and let him handle things, which he went on to do to his own great personal satisfaction, throwing the rest of us tourism operators under some kind of a bus or something, under which we have done our best to live ever since. Turns out, people from within the association had called for tightening the regulations, instead of the idea originating in the halls of power, if the regulating authority could be believed. As you may be able to detect, i have become somewhat skeptical of statements originating from people who have much to gain from these statements of theirs.

Needless to say, I am not a member of the association to this day, even all these intervening 20 years !

Out there in the fishing boat, I have had many discussions with people in other industries and the pattern is nearly always the same: dominant business owners pushing for continually tightening the regulations in order to make it difficult or preferably impossible for the smaller operators to continue. Fees, new licensing requirements, unaffordable penalties for non-compliance and any other stumbling blocks that these greedy lunatics creative folk can conjure are used to shut down their competitors. The end result of course is that the prices rise to unaffordable levels for the plebs, once the process is complete and the competition reduced to shopping cart-pushing status.

It’s possible that is what’s now happening on a global scale and especially with anything techy. I have moved away from zuckgoog several times only to find them taking over whatever new platform i have found. It’s almost impossible to rid yourself of this digital twitsunami.

And now that people all over the world have started noticing that hey, not everyone is dying of the boobonit plague and certainly not like we were endlessly warned we would, the abject terror necessary precautions they were promoting every second of every hour of every day, is thankfully beginning to subside. And this is a problem for the parasitic class attempting to reduce us all to the situation a baby finds itself in it’s crib, wracked with hunger and painful diaper rashes, in a state of total dependency on it’s mother and utterly helpless to improve it’s own state. Without our terror and subsequent dependency on their currency and lacking any sort of creativity of their own they have resorted to using the only other horror-generating device they presently have in their toolkit, the one upon which they depended pre-wuhan, namely the good old climate crisis.

“Surprise, surprise, surprise says the climate crisis!!! I’m back!!! Did you miss me? I hid in the closet the last two years and you forgot all about me!! But never fear, I’m still here and the drooling parasites are eager to pick up where they left off until they can come up with something really really really chilling, to make all you billions of peons beg them to take more of your freedoms in exchange for keeping you safe and cozy in your micro-flats while you wait anxiously for your tracking devices to ping and let you know the exact minute you can pick up your portion of soylent green at the one and only Malwart distribution center in your carefully chosen just for you, town allowable dwelling facility!”

And if the alleged impending climate doom doesn’t reduce us to shivering uncontrollably in terror like they intend, I would expect some sort of other-worldly alien attack or similar narrative to appear, necessitating immediate lockdowns and punishing mandates for the masses, as the parasitic class works out just how exactly to finally eliminate it’s host organism completely.

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  1. I love all of the articles you write ,I take comfort in knowing there are others out there that share our thoughts and worriesSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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