In the foreground, a demic, in the background slowly, slowly starting to take over the whole grand show, an economic restructuring of epic proportions as central banks all over the world quietly weaken their currencies by printing trillions brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Of course, they are doing this out of necessity. There really is no other way to repay what they have “borrowed” from the future of their own children’s children’s children, in an effort to maintain public support for their pet governmental operations, programs and high level meetings in Geneva. (to save us from the climate)

The result of this mass-printing debasement of the currency will be an extremely small wedge of society living well indeed, with private jets, disgustingly luxurious homes and all the fuel and resources life demands, while the rest of us learn the meaning of the word “foraging”. Real wealth actually has very little to do with money. Examples of real wealth include productive land, shipping companies, railroads, mines, factories and all that sort of thing. Owners of these are protected from whatever level of inflation occurs. Their ships rise and fall with the tide you might say.

When the economy of Greece went bluescreen of death some years ago, I found it interesting that people began even using objects such as microwave ovens as currency!

And of course there are many forms of currency in this world. We just need to open our eyes to them. Most of us have been much too focused on dollars, quarters, nickels and dimes all of our lives. These have almost totally lost their usefulness as a store of value and are now only a medium of exchange.

And as we begin to watch prices for even base articles move upwards quickly beyond our reach, most of us had better get a bit more creative in the way we run our lives, if we want to skip a whole world of pain. The alternative: doing whatever it takes to acquire paper money or money in the bank or credit in unlimited amounts will lead to certain disaster for many.

A series I have been watching on the operations of mexican drug cartels has helped open my eyes to the fact that there are many forms of currency. The best form of currency is actually love. I recall a book on maintaining a healthy balance in your marriage’s “lovebank” instead of just making withdrawals all of the time. Perhaps I should have taken the advice more to heart but that is in the past.

Another form of currency is the opposite, for example, using threats to get what you want. The little girl rolling around on the floor of a shopping mall screaming hysterically until she gets her military action figures for example. Either form of currency use has eternal consequences and often earthly ones as well.

Your time is valuable so let’s just reel this in already: If we are to survive in something of our present status as a country after whatever this demic-thingy is has passed us by, we are going to have to learn to adopt much different patterns of acquiring and providing life’s needed resources as the buying power of our nation’s currency drains quickly to it’s intrinsic value of ZERO.

Literally, (literally I tell you!) anything can be used as currency, including physical labor!  Just look around. Currency is literally everywhere around you. All you have to do is find it and use it to make a deal.

Oh and btw, fishermen are the best people!

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