and in the yukon…

The great attraction Canada’s Yukon once held for me is gone, finished, done, over with.

That attraction was the freedom of thought and action it held for me 40 years ago when i first arrived. I was star-struck by the awesome beauty and lonely landscape and overjoyed at the ready acceptance I received from the people i met throughout the territory. To be certain, the beauty of the land and it’s amazing wildlife remains, mostly intact, but the fellowship and the freedom has vanished like campfire smoke in a brisk northerly wind.

The Yukon, land of the tough and hardy has devolved into such a decrepit mass of isolation and mysophobia, that the place has become unrecognizable to those of us who remember what once was. I am ashamed to tell you that a mandatory masking policy as well as isolation requirements for those entering the territory will be implemented as of Tuesday this week, and all due to one, count it, ONE “official death” which as many of you know, is highly likely to be nothing but a medical add-on to the actual cause(s).

Worst of all, Anyone who thinks this measure is going to be temporary must have taken a blow to the head. Anyone who thinks this will be the last “mandate for our safety” is delusional. Our overlords are just getting started, and the most frustrating part is seeing people I have respected and enjoyed not only complying immediately with any and all mandates, sometimes even enhancing them, but actually helping the control freak overlords by demanding the rest of us comply and go ever farther downhill on the stony, slippery, blood-stained road to perdition. And that is where we are headed regardless of how many slave coupons the Rothschilds print.

Secondly, rebelling against the local authorities is a fool’s errand because this pressure is coming from outside of Canada. To paraphrase Farakkhan if I may, if you are an international central banker lending to the canadian government, what do you get as collateral for the loan? What is your collateral in case of default? Control over the policy of the government, that’s what! We see Hungary and Poland refusing to adjust local policy in obedience to the money lenders and as a consequence, their IMF funding is being withheld.

Time to cut the purse strings with foreign financial powers or do we all bend down for the slaughter like obedient little sheep?

“The realization is fast dawning on the people across the West that the terrorists don’t wear odd clothes, carry Ak-47s and speak in foreign tongues. They are the ones telling you to let Grandma die of loneliness in a nursing home, forbidding you from buying a Turkey for Christmas that can feed more than 6 people and spitting on people for not wearing a mask in public.” Tom Luongo

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