our schizophrenic world…

Our world leadership has gone full on schiztard and there may be no coming back this time. What do I mean? Read on dear reader, read on… if you dare… muhahahahaha

They print stimulus as if to suggest they actually want to stimulate people into becoming more productive and complain when we aren’t stimulated by the wunnerful stimulus “money” they print on their computerbox screens, while simultaneously (at the same time!) demanding we stay home, stay apart, dine alone, (you can dine alone!), avoid crowds, don’t attend church, or sporting events or drag races or go golfing or travel farther than our poorly stocked pantries and well-stocked bathrooms..

Isn’t it amazing that anyone who thinks they have what it takes to lead the blind mAsses, believes they can stimulate more economic activity by making money totally worthless by covering earth with the crap and shutting down entire regions of the globe at the same time? Are they deranged or just appallingly malicious or all three?

What is it they fail to grasp about the effect of killing off everything that brings meaning, joy, full stomachs and personal satisfaction to human existence ? Who in their right mind is going to get all excited about having new worthless money to spend anyway when it’s impossible to even enjoy a beverage with a friend in a restaurant? How are we supposed to enjoy shopping amongst a faceless mass of diaper-heads whose smiles, frowns or thoughtful expressions have been obliterated from view, who hide behind sheets of plastic, and wipe down everything in sight and out of sight every twelve minutes, and fear our very presence in their stores, because the tv told them we are all nothing but walking hideous virus bags?

Obviously the masks, lockdowns and billions of marks on floors and sidewalks all over the earth are not working, as the mass media clowns breathlessly report new case surges! Someone needs to gently pull the elites aside and tell them “hey dude, this isn’t working. The brains are in aisle 22, grab a couple and get back to me eh?”

Have they never heard the expression, “sometimes the cure is worse than the disease”? Perhaps the Davos boys could see the forest were it not for all the trees in the way! But no, old chap, it’s not lookin’ thataway as new ineffective, life-throttling lockdowns are being announced pretty much daily. Perhaps it is time to question the depth of their concern for us after all?

I know, I know, this kind of shift in a core belief in the benevolence of the state, with all it’s manifold blessings, it’s medical “care”, child “care, “care” hones along with the signs everywhere designed to enhance our safety through glorious edicts, doesn’t come easily. We have all been programmed from conception to obey for our own good, but what if some malicious person seized the propaganda mill and decided to play with us, merely for their own amusement, a global game of Simon sayS?

Recall with me the words of the now-oddly-silent Greta Thornbug: “I want you to panic!” it appears she and her handlers got their way after all, does it not? All forms of global travel and hence fuel consumption are down, knackering the oil industry. In fact, nearly every industry on our little blue golfball floating through space has been duly knackered as well. Greta must be doing cartwheels for joy!  It worked! It worked! Hallelujah!

Yet, the success of the overlords has come at a cost so severe that you have to at least for a second,  consider the possibility that the real emotion driving their decisions is not parental concern for the untermenschen. Maybe it would be much better described as scorn and contempt for all of us covered-in mud-grease-and-bodily-fluids-deplorables? And here I thought the caste system was just a fixture of India. Silly me!

And about that contempt thingy, when was the last time you watched a mainstream program on your tell-lie-vision on the effect all these useless “measures” are having on the emotional well-being of 20 year olds, or life long couples who are being forced to die alone, without visits from friends or even their spouse? (i’m asking. I ditched the boob tube decades ago and only catch an occasional glimpse of the deluge of bovine excrement currently being pumped into everyone’s head at forty gallons per minute) Where is the empathy? Instead, their incredible laser-focused tunnel vision is fastened on an invisible bug of questionable existence, smaller even than the human brain to the exclusion of nearly every other disease, injury, guilty pleasure, amusement and joy that makes up this thing someone decided to call life.

If the owners of the media outlets really cared about us, would there not be a balance in the discussion of cause and effect? Some cost-benefit analysis perhaps? Some empathy for the pain these political decisions are causing? What has happened to the search for a cure for cancer? The development of exo-skeletons for the paralyzed? Neuro-surgery restoring sight to the blind? Not much time for any of that rot these days is there?

Repeat a lie often enough and it eventually becomes accepted as truth. Well, consider that statement a demonstrated fact from now on hmm? Perhaps it’s time to lockdown a few of our overlords and see if that affects the caseload? After all, a year ago no one was tested and there were no cases at all, perhaps we should go back to that “model”, am I right?

At this point, it would seem we have taken obedience to such a stratospheric level it is no longer a virtue..

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