momentum can be a good thing!

when you realize perhaps you should have just kept going….

It’s a hot day in July. Your apartment is stifling. After putting up with the heat for hours, you decide to go down the steps and out on the street for a cooling walk in a nearby shady grove of trees. You don’t get too far before you see a puzzling sight: a man on a bicycle which by itself would hardly draw your glance, but there’s something about this fellow that seems a bit odd: his bicycle is not moving. He is just parked in one place, struggling to keep his balance!

Curious, you approach and ask the obvious question to which he responds, “oh my dear, my dear! i cannot be too careful! There are cars driving fast on the street. There are trains in this town. There is always the possibility of running over a playing child, or being bitten by a dog, so i have elected to ride my bicycle like this, for everyone’s safety and especially for my own!”

Shaking your head at the man’s incredible stupidity you go on your way, only to hear a curse behind you as the man finally loses his balance and falls on his side, breaking his shoulder in three places and screaming in pain…


Now, considering our whole society is basically the man on the bicycle right now, if i may be so bald as to ask: Do you, yourself, apart from all outside influence and fear, personally believe that the restrictions on your freedoms, the lockups, the oxygen-preventers, the human genetic experiments and the friend and family preventions are necessary and helpful?

If you do, fine, please go to your room right now and shut the door and come out when you feel it is safe to do so.

As for those who answer “no” or “hell no”, why are you obeying these overlords of ours, these proud architects of our fate?

Isn’t it because of fear? Fear of punishment? Fear of public reaction to your disobedience of the state perhaps?

If you are one of those who is not afraid of a revved up case of the sniffles, why do you follow the rules? I think, if we are honest, it is because our fear of punishment and public backlash, outweighs the little voice deep inside telling us “this is bananas!!!!

Enough of us overcoming our fear of state power can end this and clearly nothing else will.

The young among us have experienced little else. Those who are older, have grown up in a time when we hopped on our bikes and went for a ride with no license, no permission, no helmet, no shin pads, and yes we got hurt a time or two but would we really go back to that time and prefer the restrictions that are put on kids today? Speaking only for myself: “not just no but hell no!” Those were great times!

I helped my cousins haul grain all summer in a three ton truck while my older cousin could barely reach the peddles and had to lift his head to see over the dash of the truck to drive! We ran the augur, shovelled grain, rode calves in the corral, walked around on top of a slab fence, camped in the hills where we travelled with a motorcycle, unlicensed and unmolested by any authorities whatsoever.

Comparing those days to what is happening to our freedoms today is like drinking gasoline instead of orange juice!!

Just the other day, i was harassed for lighting a fire in a snowdrift, to soften the ground for digging a drainage ditch, on my own property!

So again, I ask, if you do not believe the rules, the mandates, the restrictions, and the general stupidity of the moment is doing us any good, why do you obey their rules, rules which are so convoluted and duplicitous that they are impossible to follow perfectly in the first place?

And if, after searching your motives, you come to the conclusion it’s only because of the fear of punishment, then why not consider what it would cost the “authorities” to enforce any of these useless rules, if even 20 percent of us were to simply opt out?

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