think of the billionaires!

Just Think of all the struggling billionaires eking out but meager gains in an under- performing market environment!

Being forced to watch their fortunes grow by mere single digit percentage points while peer billionaires increase their wealth by 20 or 30, even 50 percent in a year simply because their timing and their political connections are superior is a cruelty no billionaire should have to endure!

And who is speaking up for these billionaires who are being left in the financial dust? No one! The lamestream media is totally silent on their awful plight. Instead, they prefer to focus on irrelevant items like rising cases of the flu amongst the aged and the divorce of England from Europe or the degradation of the environment, the death of whole ecosystems and drivel like that, and they pontificate on and on and on about geopolitical movements, regime changes in disobedient countries and so on, the usual gruel. Basically anything other than the totally undeserved situation you find yourself in gets the spotlight. Unbelievable!

In light of all this neglect, who can blame struggling billionaires for the desperate measures these small-time billionaires are forced to take, living under the constant pressures they daily face to  catch up with the gains of their financial peers?   Who can blame them for cozying up to politicians, for selling weapons to both sides of a war, for attempting to influence governmental policy to their own advantage in challenging days such as these?   If you don’t  do it, you can bet your wife’s favorite lambo someone else will!   Totally understandable!    And if a few thousand small businesses are forced off the playing field as a result, they probably deserved it anyway, for some sin they have committed or another, no doubt. That’s just business, my friends, that’s just business, nothing personal!

You think it’s easy being a billionaire do you? Just try it sometime! You make a clever move in the market and just when you start to feel you will get some positive press, a news item about elon something’s new environmentally friendly spacemobile whatever grabs the headlines. So frustrating!

There was a time when breaking the “millionaire a thousand times over” barrier actually meant something to the world but these days the world just goes  PffFttttt to such small potato achievements. And the trillionaires? Well, that’s another story altogether. They hide in obscurity, manipulating policies of whole empires, best not to think about them too much. And hope they don’t notice while you amass your own billions. You don’t get a place at their favorite dining establishment without sacrifices you may not prefer to make.  No, best not to make too many waves lest the undercurrents rip you out to sea.

Your day will come, little billionaire. Your day will come. These things take time….

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