The 2010’s have been an extremely interesting decade have they not?   

“The beatings will continue until morale improves”

Russia, with its enormous power over American presidential elections, even being allowed to take out an ad on fb for goodness sake, has been able to shift political global dominance to herself.

No, just kidding, that would have happened whether Trump won or not, due to Putin’s masterful understanding of what makes a nation truly great again.
He seems to grasp something that the American political class has trouble comprehending, that people enjoy being treated fairly and with respect instead of having the living crap blown out of them. He has built friendly alliances all over the Eurasian continent including Syria, Germany, China, Iran, Turkey and other “bad boys” of the world political scene. And how has he done that?

Well, perhaps we can find an answer in what he is not doing.  Perhaps I haven’t been as busy viewing American propaganda as I should have been but I am not aware of Russia slapping trade sanctions on all  of its many neighbours, near and far. 

Owning my own business I have come to realize that refusing to do business with certain people tends to peeve them off, which is counter-productive when it comes to growing my own business.  If I were to make a loud proclamation that I am refusing to do business with any and all gov’t agencies, for instance, it would be reasonable to expect reprisals, likely negative in nature, and difficult to predict!

There is this thing in business called “good will” and it actually has an economic value as well as being a satisfying way to operate, which can be measured in dollars, mathematically when the business is sold for more than the sum total of its physical assets.

And where is the measure of goodwill currently sitting as applied to the American empire? It’s political class, the monied club, has distinguished itself in the last decade largely by the means of throwing it’s weight around. We see this method most clearly in the recent impeachment of Mr Trump over a simple, well-transcripted telephone call. Reality no longer has anything much to do with the outcome of a thing. The only thing that seems to matter to these people is the amount of force they can marshal to overpower whoever happens to stand in the path of their own personal plans for global dominance. Really quite an ugly sight, and one in which they appear to actually be taking some pride!

On the opposite side of the Atlantic, while there appear to be a few hotheads in charge here and there, there seem to also be enough politicians who understand that gaining the willing cooperation of foreign powers and financial interests is far more effective than overpowering them all with blunt instruments of cruelty.   

After all, who is more likely to act in an unkind fashion when later given the chance? Someone who has been overpowered or someone who has carried on a friendly relationship with you in the past? It’s really not a difficult concept and one which Mr Putin and many of his colleagues appear to grasp quite well.

But over on this side of the lake, and as a result of all of the endless sanctions and threats of same and actual military force being used indiscriminately in order to boost military profits for American weapons manufacturers, one of the world’s great empires is finding herself being excluded more and more from a place at the negotiating table, it’s greenback dollars being shunned in world trade and the threat of global sanctions being placed upon it looming larger by the day.

What would happen, for instance, if oil ceased to flow to the north American continent as freely as it has? Or if the Russian-Chinese-Iran partnership ceased to trade entirely with the west?  One of the downfalls of the Roman Empire was the extreme financial cost of preventing it’s many enemies from taking revenge on it for its endless plundering of their resources.

We could all learn something from its example.

It’s a real pity that some of those entrusted with political power prefer violence to respectful negotiation,  a thing that used to be called diplomacy and tact, because a great many Americans I have met, would certainly operate in a totally different manner, given half a chance. Instead, they are being forced by a corrupt minority to participate in an experiment with an oft-proven negative result, the downfall of an empire which fell to become ruled by selfish, power-hungry individuals using threats and violence and their only tools of trade.

One Reply to “statesmanship”

  1. China is complicit in the looting of Russia.
    Kissinger the ever cunning geopolitical thinker, bring China to be America close ally in 1975, and China helped indirectly to cause the collapse of Soviet Union.
    The collapse of Soviet Union allowed British Anglo super elite from city of London to loot Russia more than US$1 trillion during Yelstin years.
    It was estimated more than US$2 trillion have been looted from Russia, by the British super elite, after the collapse of Soviet.
    Putin kicked out British super agent in Russia such as Mickey Kondomski, to stop all the looting of Russia. This anger the British super elite. That is why all the British media spread lies and fake news about Putin and Russia.

    [[ In 2001, Yukos set up a foundation. (Mr. Khodorkovsky called it the Open Russia Foundation, an echo of George Soros’s Open Society Institute.) For the board Mr. Khodorkovsky enlisted Henry Kissinger, Lord Rothschild and a former United States ambassador to the Soviet Union. ]]

    Furthermore American foreign policy are decided by British elite Chatham House

    The greedy British super elite using Chatham House to spread propaganda on Putin, in order to get rid of Putin and replace with their own puppet.
    Kissinger is the key and important person in Chatham House.

    Kissinger is the top secret British elite super agent.

    [Henry Kissinger (net worth $180 million, former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under two presidents) ]

    The Rothschild Foundation hosted the Henry Kissinger Lecture at the Royal Academy in 2014

    Russia still have more than US$80 trillion unexplored mineral and oil and gas natural resources.

    Compare to America who has US$50 trillion mineral natural resources.

    Russia can last longer if Putin manage well and Putin successor continue to defend Russia at all cost, like Putin doing now.

    The ever greedy British super elite from the city of London is forever want to take control of Russia and want to install their own puppet in the Russia government.

    The looting of post-Soviet Russia by Rachel Douglas

    In the year 2000 Solzhenitsyn wrote: “As a result of the Yeltsin era, all the fundamental sectors of our political, economic, cultural, and moral life have been destroyed or looted. Will we continue looting and destroying Russia until nothing is left?” That was the year Putin came to power. He was the answer to Solzhenitsyn’s question.


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