I want you to picnic

Since living through a rather painful time in my life I have had the privilege of studying the world around me through the means of reading thousands and thousands of articles and viewing interviews and talks online.  
Since I haven’t had a dish or cable for the vast majority of my life, the true disseminators of misinformation have not had that means of reaching me with their endless lieS; even my access to radio has been spotty, living where and as I do.  

And over this timeframe I have formed my viewpoints, not excluding the rest of what my 5 or 6 have told me is going around me in regard to what we call humanity. And as I look back through the last decade there have been a few videos and articles which have had a deeper impact on my thinking than the rest. They all present powerful evidence that ultra wealthy individuals truly are getting some kind of a kick from manipulating the way we think and thereby directing our actions in ways which provide them real or perceived benefits. This must be a heady experience for them.  

Imagine being the initiator of a worldwide panic over the common cold resulting in all manner of societal upheaval and reformation! It probably seems to them like they have acquired god-like mad powers! 

In my case however their efforts appear to be backfiring, and I am not the only problem spot they have at the moment. Many many others see through the curtain too. I certainly hope you are one of them. Likely you are or you have developed at least some scepticism for the official narrative or you wouldn’t have gotten this far in this article. Anyway, to the point of this piece!  

These key articles, books and videos have convinced me beyond any doubt whatsoever that the world is being reformed into the image of its cruel and vindictive ultra-wealthy, disconnected-from-anything and-anyone-holy-or-righteous masters. I shall start with a brief mention of a 700 page book called simply: Mao .  

This examination of the life of Mao Tse Tung was picked initially due to my desire to learn how it is possible for a human being to gain such control over the lives of millions or billions. It seemed odd to me that one cabbage living in but one skull could manipulate so many into evil when all it took to stop him would have been a brief deprivation of breathing material, and yet millions upon millions of his own people died because of this one simple farm kid who rose to power in China, during peace times! And the story of his destructive successes is nothing short of amazing. One example of his cruelty will suffice:  

After a particularly difficult military campaign involving the overthrow of many villages, a company of around seventy of his military officers and soldiers began running low on supplies so Mao in a stunning display of ingratitude had them buried alive. 

Another volume which convinced me that more is going on amongst us than many realize was a large volume documenting the rise and machinations of freemasonry. It named individuals and presented detail of times and places to such an extent it would have been incredibly easy to falsify, if not true.  

I finished the volume understanding a bit more about how supremely unqualified and even useless people end up in positions of great authority and influence while the more qualified gaze on in wonder at the resulting destruction of the time and efforts of the rest of us. The secret signs and symbols used to convey membership are worth knowing as well. It all reminds of a secret girls club in a primary school. “I don’t like Sally and neither does Jennifer so none of us will talk to her or play with her anymore ok?”  

Little different is membership in any of the freemasan-style organizations. Members are invited and are initiated vowing to be cruelly killed should they reveal the secrets of the covert society. It seems many join quite innocently only to discover much later the evil nature of the goings on at the “higher” levels and by then they are trapped by their promises and the fears of reprisals induced by the other members of the group. Perhaps the song “welcome to the hotel california” refers to membership in something such as this I don’t know. 

Layers upon layers of secrecy and who is at the highest human level and what do they worship? Unknown, but their worship of the spiritual has nothing to do with the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, let’s just put it that way and leave it a secret too. 

A video I happened upon several years ago to me was sufficient all by itself to convince me of the criminal nature of what was being inflicted on the world. A lecturer strutted about a room in Brussels Belgium describing in great detail that it was his job to scare people into believing there was a terrible plague and all sorts of measures would be required to stop it and save us all from certain annihilation. He was very proud of his accomplishments and it involved the manipulation of every form of communication involving tv “news” and the whole buffet of available media with the goal of terrifying everyone everywhere, recalling for me the heart rending cry of Greta: “I want you to panic”… Did the author of the greatest scam ever put those words in her mouth? I don’t know that either. 

Another video, just recently viewed is called “monopoly” . This video is just long enough and absolutely captivating and demonstrates quite clearly how Blackrock, Vanguard and one other corporation owns shares in nearly every reasonably-sized business on the planet. The video is really well done and I was left with a better understanding of the meaning of the phrase: the one with the gold makes the rules. The hidden figures, the veiled true owners of these investment companies control govts all over the world and use them to advance their personal interests while allowing their installed politicians to act as lightning rods for public anger at the pain caused by wealth stolen from working people. Don’t watch this video either. 

Lastly I want to present to you another figure, one who should be of great interest in this russophobic atmosphere we currently occupy. And as another has pointed out, with dreaded Donald out of the way, it’s not surprising we have needed another public figure to hate, but that’s another story for another day.  

These interviews with an ex KJB in the old soviet union detail specifically how whole countries are taken over by malicious interests. Seeing the parallels being played out in real time in my home country is nothing short of stunning. He sees it too and saw it developing here decades ago. His predictions for us are proving cruelly accurate.  

Laziness has gotten us to this point and “sure there is apathy but who cares” is not going to turn this ship around. The opposite is what’s needed and it’s heartening to see individuals of conscience writing to their representatives, going to public meetings, standing on the streets in sub-artic conditions, driving large vehicles to hubs of power in large impossible-to ignore numbers.  

Some of us have had enough, have lost enough, and see that the road forward will be painful but also that the road we are on now will be much worse than painful and that it’s time to end the secrecy of those who practise secrecy and let the light of love and truth shine on the one world gov worshipping rats til they panic and cry for the mountains to cover them from the coming wrath.  

May your actions today help bring this unavoidable conclusion closer. 

I want you to picnic! 

i want you to picnic!

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