we are all equal equal

Everyone is exactly the same same

I recently came upon this glittering gem:  “race is just the amount of melanin in the skin.  There is nothing different about these people.  White people do it too.  We’re all equal.  Ok done with the Lieberal talking points”

The writer is right of course and these are the oft-pummeled lamestream talking points well and truly summarized and if you are still living in the dark ages and not woke, come on its 2020! and don’t believe these talking points well then, pffft you are an extremist racist bigotted homophobic phobic type and and probably can’t even tie your shoes without help from your mommy and don’t even deserve to reproduce obv!

We used to talk about apples and oranges when we were comparing two dissimilar objects but those days are now gone along with washboards, wind-up phones and marriage for life. Apples and oranges and bananas and rocks in a jar are all equal in 2020. Who would have thought we’d be dumb woke enough to believe in more than two genders in 2020? It’s enough to make one wonder, marvel and ponder what intellectual breakthroughs await us all in the decades or eons to come, isn’t it?

Will we find a way to believe there is no such thing as death? That safety is really irrelevant because death is just a social construct created by white supremacist nationalistic patriarchal-anti-equality types in order to sell helmets, airbags and parachutes to the mAsses? Or perhaps we will have an epiphany and finally realize that the entire universe only exists in our tiny non-existent buhrains anyway so nothing we do or don’t do even matters? Ah yes the mental breakthroughs which await us all! One can hardly wait.

Well, I for one am still in the dark about a lot of these new ideeerz and i’ll just crawl way out on this tiny branch and argue that holy cow batman there really are differences in people. If that were not the case we wouldn’t even be talking about equality in the first place for Trump’s sake!  I mean Why would anyone get up on a pulpit and proclaim to the mAsses that every pool ball on the table is the exact same size? That they are manufactured to be equal in weight and size and mass? Who would grab people, shake them and spitting with excitement, make proclamation and say that all pool balls are equal damit. There would be no point in making proclamation of such an obvious fact. But the daily liberals take it a bit farther and proclaim every pool ball on the table to be equal…. absolutely equal, which is a very stupid woke thing to say unless you really are retina-challenged enough not to see the difference in the color of a white or a black pool ball, in which case you should prolly leave billiards to the experts and go back to playing pin the tail on the jackass in your willfully blindfolded state? Hint: don’t hurt yourself.

Of course, none of this is a comment on the superiority or inferiority of one tribe over another, each individual has her own gifts and nationalities are likewise gifted individually, but if we start by denying differences completely, we will end up understanding nothing at all.

Now if you’ll please excuse me I have to finish frying this pool ball for breakfast. It’s taking forever dude!

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