“the beatings will continue until morale improves.”

“the beatings will continue until morale improves” is actually one of my all time favorite quotes and I have no idea whom i should thank for it. Sad really.

Have you got the covids yet? Neither have I and it is slowly, slowly becoming more apparent that we are all the victims of a massive campaign to obscure the fact that the global financial system is falling to it’s knees, bleeding profusely and screaming for water and gauze to stauch the flow of blood. This was going to happen anyway, as politician after dictator has been quietly drawing on the credit cards of their countries rather than bluntly telling us all there is simply nothing in the cupboard and risking the fallout from a statement like that, healing though it would have been.

The world just recently, allegedly cracked 100,000 deaths due to c19 and even taking this figure at face value would lead anyone with a calculator and five minutes to think that perhaps… just perhaps… locking up the world and throwing away the key mIgHt have been an ovErreaCtion? After all, 100k deaths is about one death out of 80,000 people worldwide, and considering it is coming out that anyone even suspected by even just one medical practitioner of having the virus, who dies, goes on record of dying of c19 even if they died of a heart attack, cancer or someone running a red light and some covidiot t-boning their car ok i made that last one up but still.

The much beloved CDC and the WHO (suggested slogan WHO cares?) is starting to look a little bit credibility-challenged along with the ever-boviating mass news media and the camera-grinning politicians who shepherd us so carefully through the endless maze of challenges and risks of disaster we all face every frigging day.

Yet the majority of us accept what we are being told by the latest flat face-on-the-screen, forfeiting our springtime pleasures, our incomes, our friendships and most of the rest of what makes life fun and worthwhile. All to make sure, (if that were even possible) that not even one person anywhere dies because of a virus so tiny it can not be seen. And yes, I have heard of the spanish influenza, the boobonit plague, ebola and the whole happy family of viruses, plagues, influenzas and the like. And if even Jesus told his followers to count the cost of following him, should we not go and do likewise and count the cost of following Rachel Maddow? Because you can tell me all day long that you are simply watching tv and it has no effect on your life, but a recent trip i made to Wuhan Yukon tells me a different story altogether! As does the total shutdown of the tourism industry in the territory along with parcels being delivered out to the sidewalk, glass partitions in businesses to protect employees from diseased consumers, and empty streets and sidewalks as the springtime sun smiles down on all the happy… rooftops.

So, yes, the beatings will continue until morale improves, all over the world apparently too, until, someone somewhere wakes up and realizes that hey, we have counted the cost of following CNN and the cost of this bolshevistic safety of theirs is much too high for any benefit, real or perceived, and maybe it is time for some of us to act like we actually are living in a brave new world and not some chicken crap freedom-deprived, kindergarten for grownups, being told when to come and go, what we can buy and what we can not, when we can pee our dog, and on and on and on. So, how long will we allow the beatings to continue? Because it really is up to us, believe it or not.

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