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What sort of people want to shut a guy up?  

Mugsy who just noticed you saw him rough up a guy?   Dead men tell no tales, right?   The politician not following his own man dates?  Those with something to hide have a reason… that’s who has a reason.

And if this is the case, (and it is) just imagine the level of hidden activity beseiging the planet these days!!    FB, TWIT, GOOG, YOUBoOB, all in on it baby!

We are actually at the point where huge swaths of earth’s populations are being prevented from simply asking reasonable questions about what exactly is so all-fired important that is being force-rape-crammed into all of our arteries and at “warp-speed” WTH??!   Should we blindly, stupidly accept this situation, in light of the fact that good and worthwhile solutions to problems don’t require crackdowns on free speech, movement, association, recreation and the right to work, but maybe a World Wide Genocide just might?

Truly these are the “most absurdist” of times.

It is being lately reported that at least one life insurance company in the US alone is seeing 40 percent increases in the deaths of those between the ages of 18 and 60 since Dr Doom began mission improbable: creating mass panic in the human population in preparation for his one and only possible, final solution to the problem.

Btw, life insurance companies  are probably where we should be focusing our attention because life insurance companies are pretty darn interested  in death rates at all ages and pay their actuaries to help them calculate life insurance premiums sufficient to cover the costs of future death claims.   In addition, they have little to no possible reason to hide death rates caused by the va666ine.

And as they say, “dead is dead”.   Or using my favorite way to put it: “it’s God’s way of saying you’re dead: you’re dead.”

So for an accurate picture of how the va666ines are killing us off, maybe check the stock price of your favorite life insurance company or dig a little deeper into their current experience with death and disability claims.

uh huh….

But really this is not about that, as they say, and I want to cover the positive side of the story we are living through and discuss some of the valuable lessons this parade of stupid has taught those who have leaned into the wind a little bit.

As a persona non grata, now more especially even than before the first warnings hit the waves, it’s been an interesting experience to watch detached as what used to be called normal society was being torn apart at the seams, ripped into little strips, dipped in diesel fuel and set ablaze.   I say “detached” because I don’t have the dish, or cable, or rabbit ears and haven’t for a few decades now; in fact it’s been 3.

And as a consequence I have been detached from the horrors of the full hell of terror which CNN et al have unleashed on their exceedingly easily manipulated and horrified public viewing audiences.   But again I digress…

What have I learned from the human experimentation via injectable venom program?

I’ve learned how to make sourdough bread and fry bread and have lived on that and moose meat, fish, berries and garden produce at very little cost for the last 2 years now and I have saved a whopping pile of dough in that time, if you’ll forgive the pun. Not that I have much of what I’ve saved because my income has been decimated along with all the rest of us who don’t “work” for the govern-men or enjoy the privilege of owning their very own personal tax exemption mechanisms charitable foundations.

I’ve also learned to just quit buying “stuff”.   And this has been another very happy byproduct of refusing to wear a muzzle. Some stores and restaurants have let me do my shopping and leave me be but others have become ridiculously rabid about the muzzle: there is just no other way to describe the reactions of the true believers when they note my horrifyingly naked face in their fields of visions!

Just picking up mail for a friend has recently resulted in an ALL CAPS complaint to my friend about my naked-faced entrance into her branch covidian facility!   The shame!!! The soul-stomping calloused indifference to govern-mental edicts!!

So not traipsing around stores like I’ve done all my life has  prevented me from seeing numerous gadgets and shiny objects I can easily live without.

Another time and energy saving for me.‎

All this saving has meant less need for cash, which has given me 2 more benefits:  free time and less income tax to pay!   And that no tax thingy is gonna really kick in this year, so looking forward to June now I am.

Another great thing  I’ve learned is to buy in bulk. Even though my need for nourishment is not all that great, a gallon of salsa or ranch dressing or olive oil is a hecka lot cheaper per than some tiny little thimble-full bought weekly.   In fact, I’m considering buying all my grocs for the coming year at once, and I bet I can do it for a thousand bucks and avoid being a disease vector in a public place much more often than that!    And Won’t our dear leaders be pleased with me!?   Well won’t they?? Of course they will, silly!

And aside from the financial and time benefits, I’ve been able to pick up and hone a few more skills in the mechanical, musical and financial fields. There is no limit to what you can learn when this much free time becomes available and that is yet another benefit heaped upon me by my benevolent little invisible, unobservable, perhaps non-existent friend, the common covid.

Socially, have there been advantages?   Well yes and no. Here in this small community of 400 souls, my level of social interaction was already quite restrained, although as a white-eyes cracker colonist, I am clearly the odd man out, yet I did make the effort to join the coffee club and I experienced many enjoyable times with fishing clients in my business activities.

But now with both of those avenues rendered moot, sports facilities closed to my diseased hide and my family of 6 plus dog and cat reduced to a family of one, I suppose not everyone would find the joy in life which I still manage to find in each day.

But being pressed on all sides by crowds has its disadvantages too and lately i’m even finding the odd text or phone call to be a bit of an annoying distraction from whatever i’m on about at the moment…. uh oh….

Hey, maybe I’m getting a bit too good at the solitary life!!

Oh well then. Let it be even so. Solitaire is a great game!

I guess, like the song about the guy who thought he was a chicken and his wife responded with “heaven knows we can use the eggs”, I guess I’m “makin’ the best of a bad situation….”

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