dear overlords

Dear Overlords;

We totally get it. We really do. It’s quite simple really. Your purpose is to eliminate all the small independent businesses from the land entirely and consolidate your control of the people! It’s really not all that complicated.

Eventually there will be no more stores at all in the traditional sense, just distribution centers. Small business owners are generally an unruly lot anyway with strong opinions and they are the largest supporters of individual rights and freedoms and annoying populist candidates who ignorantly get into politics and just mess with your agenda for the betterment of the planet through population reductions and the end of ridiculous personal freedoms.

And getting them out of the way is paramount to the greater good.

The current financial system consisting of cash and bank accounts is running out of runway and needs to be reset to a social credit system like china’s where those who behave are rewarded with luxuries like food and apartments and clothes and those who misbehave cut free from societies benefits, and the best way found so far to do that is through the distraction of a terrible population-decimating plague or if you can’t get one of those going, well the fear of one may have to do for now.

Eventually, the local bank will be a thing of the past as credits will be deposited in your global account in your name hashcode, and your supply allocation of life-sustaining soy will be available for a certain number of days so no worries about money and agonizing personal choices anymore. Won’t that be neat?

But meanwhile unfortunately there is bound to be some discomfiture as jobs are lost, businesses fold reducing product selection for the buying public, mortgages and rent go unpaid, roofs go unrepared, beggars roam the alleys hungrily and conspiracy theorists keep pointing out annoying truths.

But you dear overlords, need not fear, even though you are made of flesh and blood like the rest of us,  as long as you can keep the population pacified with promises of pandemic-slaughtering vaccines and large gobs of money pumping down the pulsating supply tubes so generously fed by Justin and Catherine.

A mega-project or two replacing things that already exist, especially in locations where the action is seen by the most, boosts the nation’s GDP and always gives the impression that things are humming along nicely and you can continue to move toward your ultimate goal of controlling the thinking, decisions and actions of the underclass for the betterment of the planet.  It’s all for the greater good of course. Reducing the carbon footprint of the filthy underclass is everything after all!

So we totally get it. Carry on. It’s all for the greater good. Keep telling yourselves that.

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