people are dying!!! well, duh!

Leaderships all around the globe are capitulating, you can almost see the strings in the right light, to their well-moneyed overlords and appear to be deliberating indebting the people in their care to them by every absurd means at their disposal, and to grotesque degrees. Canada’s national debt increased by 350 B last year, an additional 50 percent!

The best case scenario for their orgies of monetary diarrhea is that they sincerely believe that if only they spend enough money, things will get better for their populations, that the money will trickle down to the poorest of the poor. If anyone is stupid enough to still believe that theory, they certainly shouldn’t be in any position of influence and power. Please explain the “camping regions” in Vancouver or in the streets of San Francisco or under the overpasses in Honolulu.

The so much worse and more believable case, is that politicians plan to benefit from the changes the predator class is making to the global political structure, and to do so even at the expense of the people who depend upon their decisions for their futures, the people on the street in their care.

Perhaps it is time to take off the blinders and realize some very basic truths about human nature. Power and money are magnets for all the wrong kinds of people, and we are seeing the results of political and financial greed magnified.

It is true that most of us do not want any trouble, that we are content to go through some difficulties to obtain the needed things of life, that we try to improve our quality of life, but at the same time, that of those around us. But it is just as true, that there are those among us, who are not content with their own successes, and will never be until they make someone else suffer. Hard as it is for a caring human being to grasp, their are those who love to make others suffer. They get a real kick out of it. It is their oxygen.

We have all been forced to endure human degradations for over a year in the name of not only an epidemic but a proclaimed pandemic, global in nature, which has never appeared, except on screens. We have suffered difficulties identifying friends on the streets, been forced to stand down as loved ones died in hospitals without the comfort of our companionship during the most distressing times of their lives. We have endured separations from loved and liked ones, the loss of not only businesses, but the dreams and the sweat and actual blood at times that built them up over decades. And we have had to listen to mindless soulless liars endlessly exaggerating the horrors of an imaginary non-plague until most of us want to never ever hear those staccato-words again, in this life or the next. And the horrors benefits planned for us are just beginning.

The official VAERs data, the reports of adverse reactions to the experimental gene-altering therapies, are currently running at about 27 megabytes of data. Downloading it was so slow i gave it up after ten or twenty minutes. How long would it take to read even some of that? Greta said, “people are dying, whole ecosystems are collapsing, I want you to PANIC!” Perhaps her words are more prophetic than current because when the full effects of destroying the carefully designed fabric of life are fully known, life on the planet may be totally extinguished. Only a psychopathic would be thrilled by that.

It’s no longer a stretch to imagine the day when inter-regional travel,  internet access, banking services, even ownership of any physical property at all, health care in any form, meaningful education, and access to the best services will be privileges afforded only to the compliant state-adoring chosen few only.  Perhaps the proletariat, the great unwashed, the deplorables with their filthy working hands will be allowed to access the internet for five minutes a week or so on public, constantly monitored screens, if they are obedient and worshipful of their overlords, comrades and compliance-enforcement team.

Highway graffiti, (make the letters long about like the length of the passing indicators) printed posters placed in high activity areas, old fashioned letters, CB and ham radio and other creative means of communication may be all that is left to those who retain their brains through all of what is planned for us. Perhaps the designer of life on this planet will take pity on us, because the designers of what we are suffering will most certainly do nothing to help the situation.

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