i can’t… rightly… say….

I was once told of a movie wherein the character being interrogated always responded with the same phrase: “I do not know anything about what you are talking about, but even if I did I would not feel at liberty to discuss it with you.” Or words to that effect. Perhaps someone would be so kind as to enlighten me with the title of this movie in the comment section below?

i can not say….

Another more local fellow, when approached by authorities, would stare off into the distance and slowly respond with, “I don’t really know” in a way that was designed to give the impression that the authority were not really dealing with someone possessing a normal level of emotional stability and eventually they would make the decision to pursue other interests elsewhere.

Still another response a friend would use was to offer to take them fishing sometime. So as you can see, bureaucrat management can take many forms, including lying, which is a common enough response, but for those of us who are loathe to use this tactic, there are always misleading statements, or omissions of pertinent facts, or the old, tried and true, silent treatment, pleading the fifth commandment, which i have personally employed and it does work, and is probably the best one of all. Loose lips sink ships, as they used to say.

And as the noose of governmental restrictions constricts further and further around all of our necks, (in a sustainable and equal way of course) (learn to say, I cannot breath; it doesn’t always work but worth a try) having a few tools in your bureaucrat management toolkit is going to become an essential pursuit. These tools should be carefully chosen, kept sharp and polished, and protected from rust and vermin of various types and local variants.

Mountains of exciting new RULES for FOOLS can be written and imposed on the population by armies of those oh-so-intelligent lawyers, who use all kinds of expensive words, often scarfed from other languages. But what they can never totally overcome is the gift bestowed by our benevolent creator, the gift of human ingenuity.

There is a local story here in my community, (don’t know if it is true, but I like to think it is), of a man who shot a moose, down a steep gully, just off the Alaska Highway, that great winding serpent which opened up the north, and along came the local warden to check if had the appropriate permission slip. Our ever creative subject began to search everywhere he could think of where he might have thoughtlessly left his license and came up stone dry, whereupon the officer went down to take possession of the moose, butchering it and hauling it up the long steep incline to the highway, and when the physically exhausting work was done, the subject happily exclaimed, ” oh look! I just found my license! Here it was in my shirt pocket all this time! Silly me!”

Another story i really like is one of a local man who took a german with him on a hunting trip. Someone killed a moose and while they were butchering, the game controller showed up. He found a 30/30 spent shell near the kill which more appropriately matched the unlicensed german’s rifle than the licensed local man’s, and when confronted with the evidence of this heinous crime, the local asked to see the shell, had it handed to him and declared, “30/06” and threw it in the river.

Yet another gold miner from Dawson City who i believe met his end in a violent confrontation with a fellow miner, once told me that he didn’t have any guns himself but he really liked moose meat. He didn’t have any guns but some people would take an ice augur and drill down and keep their guns in a capped sewer pipe down there but he himself didn’t own any guns but he sure liked moose meat. uh huh.

Or the old one about the man caught with the illegal lobster who claimed it was a pet of his and told the officer he could put it in the sea and call it and it would come back to him, and when asked for the proof of this put he obediently threw it in the sea. The game controller ordered him to call it, whereupon he replied “what lobster?” So as you can see, it goes on and on and on. And at the point we have now reached with our legal structure effectively disabling the productive class to the point of virtual paralyses the time has come to put our cabbages in gear so to speak and find the ways and means of survival in a legally brutish world, which demonstrates daily how little it cares about the greatest law of all, simply doing to others what you would have them do to you.

I have become a fan of some current writers and one of them has recently written this bit at the closing of a great article on the wealth extraction currently decimating the middle class. I trust he will not gripe if I dare to repeat him here because his remedy for what is being done to the productive class is nearly the exact one I have chosen for myself, and I really think the summation is worth repeating over and over and …

The takeaway here is obvious: earn as little money as possible and invest your surplus labor in assets that can’t be expropriated. Develop low-overhead gigs and enterprises that are 100% yours so you can legitimately write off expenses and control how much work you decide to take on. Keep accurate records and pay whatever taxes are due, but by minimizing net income then taxes will be modest. Invest your best self, time and energy in assets that can’t be assessed, taxed or expropriated: your skills, networks, value you create and invest in your own self-sufficiency, sharing and good living of the kind that can’t be bought or sold or expropriated.” http://charleshughsmith.blogspot.com/

All the best with your own personally tailored version of “bureaucrat management” !


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