what mortals these fools be…

not my meme but ain’t it great?

The billionaire/trillionaire class is hyper-fixated on NUMBers, to the point where all they can see is the price of the shares they hold, while the vAluEs of the underlying companies are small beans to them! Firing crucial employees, buying back shares to raise the per share price, cheapening the product, reducing the quantity in the container while jacking the price; all of these clever tricks will result in wOrthLess companies and valueless shares in the end, worth only the salable price of the physical assets, with all the goodwill peeled off them forever.

And… Who will buy products from the trillionaires and trillionairettes when the wealth of all the world is all owned by just ten families? What’s the endgame here? Ten crown princes left while the proletariat starves beyond a moat full of gmo gators? Nope. The poorletariat is going to discover that it doesn’t need fiat currency or the producers of it! Oh glorious day will that one be! The earth will still bring forth it’s abundance, far from the fiat-fixated decomposing fools who sold their own precious souls to own mere numbers on a screen.

Are there alternatives to the debt monster which has been unleashed to stalk to and fro about the earth, ravaging it’s inhabitants, enslaving their children, dragging struggling nations through the mud and the blood and the sweat and the tears? Of course there are and here are three to get you started:

Bartering, the original currency has all but been forgotten, yet it functions as well as ever when two parties agree on a mutual desire for a trade. Nearly anything of value can be used for barter including but not limited to physical labor, usable clothing, tools, fuel, coupons, plane tickets….

Another is bitcoin, and it isn’t necessary to be a technogenius to use it these days. Information is available easily online and as in all things these days, “ignorance is a choice in the age of information”. Suffice to say, bitcoin offers worldwide acceptance, no counter-party needed, and the opportunity for appreciation as it gains public acceptance. Rest assured, though, it’s only a matter of time before attempts are made at controlling it and bringing it’s usability under the watchful care of big daddy gubbamint.

Precious metals, though a bit awkward, have proven useful over the last 5000 years and are currently rising in price rather quickly as our fiat currency literally disintegrates in buying power day by day. Zero interest in the bank with potential total loss of deposit or guaranteed buying power and growth with no counterparty to trust. Your move.

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