don’t you even care about granny? !

anonimity is over-rated

One of the most effective missiles fired against the contrarians in the great mask debate has been that those failing to don the oxygen-preventer or adopt the other temporary measures are thinking only of themselves. If true, this is a serious charge as surely we cannot tolerate any form of selfishness in the new inclusive, diverse and sustainable society we are building back better, now can we?

If i were a bureaucrat sheltering at home, collecting six figures and benefits, i could be the perfect example of the selfless man, so concerned about his fellow person that he wouldn’t think of contaminating anyone with the dreaded plague. And yet, i would need groceries which must be produced and trucked and sold and delivered, and the residual garbage hauled away by other folks who are not as selfless as myself, and are quite willing to take on the risk of infecting each other by their loathsome activities. So, by proxy, i am indirectly spreading the plague of death, ironically, due to my chosen selfless lifestyle.

And by the way, the folks who find themselves in this situation have little if any reason to want things to change. What exactly would be the attraction for me, were these measures to suddenly end? I would have to be up before noon, climb into a frigid car, risk death on the highway, just to sit at a desk or look out the window, go to the mandatory meetings, and listen to boring reports all day long. Much better to do as I wish with my time at home, no?

As for the selfish man, probably white, a trump supporting religious type no doubt, with dirty hands and filthy clothing, who is not even willing to wear a face-eraser to protect granny, it is hard to argue on his behalf. Clearly all he is considering is his own discomfort, totally discounting the enormous damage he is inflicting on his fellows. What a bum!

But is it really just the economy the measures have destroyed? The “economy” which is more a thought than a thing, will most certainly survive the plague in some weakened form or other, so there is no reason to fear it’s demise.

What has really been destroyed is something far more important. What has been destroyed almost completely for most of us is the simple joy of being alive! Anyone with a memory bank can easily recall the simplicity of life before the alphabet media began telling us we were all going to die. We called up a friend and met for a coffee, paying little attention to what we wore, or how close we sat to each other. We stood in lines shoulder to shoulder to pay for our breakfast, and maybe stayed a bit apart from the dude with the red nose stifling a sneeze, but that was about all. Sometimes we even… wait for it… touched each other!! Those who could afford it and desired it travelled quite freely, even overseas, presenting only a passport to do so; spreading plagues was the furthest worry from our minds.

Those days are gone.

And in their place, we have “authorities” enforcing more and more restrictions on their populations, killing businesses, killing marriages, killing friendships, killing dreams, and instilling in their place, fear, terrors and threats of violent enforcements of ever-growing social controls.

I am just selfish enough to want this bolshevism to finally end. As for the billionaires and the ultra wealthy who have used this occasion to fatten themselves, and deepen their bunkers, they have some explaining to do. But I would suggest that for those people to call the people they have bludgeoned, some to death, “selfish” is just a little bit over the top.

Sometimes the thing that benefits you most, benefits me too. And in the case of the world at large, ending the face-erasing, oxygen preventing, selfless-me signalling would be a huge benefit to one and all. Oh… except maybe some oligarchs here and there, but i can live with that, selfish as i am…

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