shut up they explained… it”s science!

Shut up, they explained.. it’s science!

“Science! I said SCIENCE again!” Homestar Runner

In these “trying times” we are exhorted to “respect the science” and many there be who have patiently explained that “the science is settled”.

So… the science is settled? Really? Well, I guess that’s that then. No need to question anything anymore in that case. What a relief! Whew, for a minute there I thought I might have to think for myself. That was a close one!

I am old experienced enough now to understand that someone who makes such a statement is simply stonewalling, attempting to forbid or restrict further questioning and discussion and why would that be? What sort of person wants to change the subject or redirect a discussion away from an issue as central as our continued human existence?

Someone with something to hide perhaps? A bit like the example of the husband caught in the very act of compromising his integrity with the maid in the bathroom who looks up for a moment to tell his wife, “it wasn’t me!” ?

In my school days I remember a class or two on the subject of science and how that went down was that science starts with a theory of some kind which either gets validated or thrown out through experimentation. Some experiments point to the validity of the hypothesis, and in fact there may be many which support it, but just one which disproves it is enough to have the whole theory adjusted or discarded completely, or at least it should be because the theory has now been falsified. Some theories are stubborn and refuse to give up easily in the face of falsifying evidence but I do not recall being taught that it was ever possible for “the science to be settled”. Such a thing would mean that this theory was forever locked up and unassailable as a “FACT” in some inaccessible vault which no amount of evidence to the contrary could ever refute.

Another point I recall being presented was that anyone, even kids can participate in science. There is no requirement to “be a scientist” in order to question and experiment in the search for truth and meaning in life.

A closed-minded mental condition like the mass media is currently displaying is by definition, not “science” but dogma, or propaganda and I would suggest, in fact I am suggesting, that much of what is being presented to the public as scientific fact, is simply a clump of steadily repeated phrases designed to intimidate the masses into respectful acceptance of “facts” which happen to support a financial benefit for those so adamantly proclaiming the “science to be absolutely settled” while they also  attempt to shame anyone arrogant enough to question the narrative of the day into silence and obscurity.

Two simple facts should suffice to bring the science on the vaccine into question. The first is that the average amount of time it takes for a vaccine to be developed is reported to be 10.7 YEARS. So seven MONTHS might give one pause, hmm? The second fact is that the common flu vaccines we have been receiving each fall are approximately only 40 to 65 percent effective so the recent claims of 95 percent strain credulity, do they not?

But money wouldn’t  have anything to do with any of this would it?

It’s Science! I said SCIENCE again!

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