Sometimes people do the right thing

It’s true.   Sometimes, as hard as it is to believe, people actually do the right thing.   In fact, sometimes several people do the right thing at the same time!.   And now I am going to sound like a wild braying jackass of a liar when I make this next proclamation: sometimes, massive crowds even going into the millions, do the right thing!

fringe minority my bumper sticker

And isn’t that exactly what we’ve been told to do in so many lectures from on high? “Do the right thing. Do the right thing. Do the right thing.”   Boy, all this repetition is beginning to make me wonder if they are afraid to just say whatever comes into their heads, so they have to rely on memorized scripts or something.   But the point is we must all “do the right thing”, right?   Thing is, some of us differ on just exactly what “doing the right thing” might look like in the implementation phase..

If some of us “did the right thing” as we see it, we may find ourselves viewing only limited portions of the world for many decades or to put it another way we may find ourselves with “limited options for travel” for the rest of our lives. Still others would end up permanently viewing the grass from the root-side. So proclamations about “doing the right thing” should perhaps be vetted first because we all have differing opinions on what exactly that is.

Take this weekend for example. Living in the Yukon has many advantages but they come at a cost as well. It’s a 2 days drive to get to Calgary so joining up with the truck cavalry was seen as a logistical and financial problem for many up here.   And though it would obviously be a hoot to be in that thing, an alternative was presented and boy did the yukon respond! It was an emotional experience to be driving one of the several hundred vehicles slowly rolling through the streets of wuhan with the flashers on, the signs and flags and balloons and semis and horns honking and to see the people on the streets waving their support and to get the finger of retRibuTion and the down thumb of diSapProval from some humorless types.

For some weird reason, seeing the canadian flag fluttering from some trucks did something for me too, and I usually don’t care about it one way or the other, but at this point, as we see the country being ripped to ribbons, it is a symbol perhaps of what we are losing due to the rapacious greed of certain billionaires and their subservient political puppets.   And speaking of which, where the hell are they anyway?

attrotious speling eh?

Martin Luther King of Ihaveadream fame, they are most definitely not. We have staged multiple protests going on for weeks and weeks and never once to my knowledge have any of the slime balls from any party bothered to show their slimy faces, save but one. The one candidate Jonas who was rejected by the con servative party and ran independently was there at the protestation of the man dates and good for him. The rest were apparently warming their tootsies in front of that modern equivalent of the campfire, their personal flat screen wall sized tee vees, waiting in vain for the soul-gutted cbc to show them some images, any images of what is happening in the territory over which they so firmly preside.

Ok, I understand fear.   I feel it myself from time to time. But I also understand that scampering for cover when a shadow passes is a good strategy for a mouse but looks pretty silly when a lion does it.   And after all, if you are a lion who is going to call in the cameras and announce exciting new restrictions on us all every other day, perhaps you should be emotionally prepared to physically stand up in your 800 dollars loafers and make your grand announcements directly to the public you so desire to control, or am I going too far?   Heck, even good ol’ Adolph did that much and i do not believe Mao Tse Tung was known for his shyness, nor Stalin, nor Fidel.  But then I suppose ten million a year or whatever the heck they get doesn’t buy more than  repetitious-monotonous plague news anymore does it? Inflation has gotten to our politicians too it seems.

And Yes there are other aspects to this life, than scanning the sky for lurking germs every time you cross the street, but I guess in a world of 12 bucks a gallon for water, we shouldn’t expect much more than that from our glorious hiding-in-their-offices leadership, eh?


they had fun with this…

Whatevs I guess.   It is what it is.  But seeing so many out on the streets, naked-faced and happy, feeling the joy and exuberance taking over from the darkness which was force-injected into us all by the corporate media over a 24 month time span, was truly a blast and I think we are blast, so blast, so very blast to be finally freeing ourselves en masse!

flag seems approp for this upside down nation of ours

So Blass you all, my dear frenz in the fight for the restoration of this once fine nation!!

And as for all of you on the wrong side of this war on our souls and our homeland I hope you really enjoy all the failing money you’re making from this global fiasco, ’cause that’s all you will have in the end.  But may you be bla$$t too all the same.

Love to all y’all and may justice and truth prevail.

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