the ugly underbelly of empires

Some, but by no means all of us, crave wealth and fame. The desire to “be somebody” can overtake the most sincere and humble of us and render a daily normal existence of work, sleep and weekends, nearly impossible to bear.

Then there are a very few who have great wealth, yet feign impoverishment. I have always thought that one to be quite a clever ploy. I worked for a man like that once. If you had met him in Fort Nelson, B.C. at a coffee shop along the Alaska Hwy you would have felt sorry for him in those old green pants and shirt, with the worn out belt, the scuffed once- black leather shoes and the ancient station wagon he drove, this poor, poor man who owned one of the largest businesses in the yukon. Perhaps you would have even given him 20 bucks to help him through another painful day of his sad existence.

Then, too, there are the rich and infamous, whose wealth alone would place them uppermost on any guest list, yet who live in utmost secrecy and carry out their business while the world sleeps through the planning and implementation phases, and is horrified when the implementation stage reaches fulfilment and entire ecosystems collapse into ruin and despair!

“If he had any brains he’d be dangerous” ,an expression you have likely heard from time to time, means this person is hostile but too stupid to do any real or lasting damage. Sadly, there are those who possess both qualities in rich measure, the hostility and the brains to do real and lasting damage to whole nations and societies. And out of an abundance of caution, i do not plan to name any names at this time. If you keep an ear to the ground and limit your time watching the clinton news network, i think you will discover a few of them along the way. These people do not ride the bus to work, or travel by common carrier at all. They are not the type to visit the nearest mall wart to pick up some cat food for the dog on the way to rotten ronnie’s for a bag of freedom fries. They live at a different level than you and i and let’s just say that if you were in their league, you would not be at all worried about paying the rent next millenium.

And if you were one of them, and your wealth exceeded that of several countries, it is possible that your soul would crave something more than the latest gaming app on your iphone. What if instead, you were able to move the needle on the foreign policy of the mightiest empire on earth? Wouldn’t that be sort of like playing a video game in real time, laughing your internal organs out at the damage you were causing people you have never even met who are totally unaware of how you were dividing them and bashing them against one another, blm/lgbt style shall we say?

And so it begins…

But how shall we start this enjoyable new game? Well, influencing public opinion might be one way it could be done and how to go about that? Well, isn’t it obvious? Most people form their opinions based on what they see on their tell lie vision and read in their paper news, do they not? And even those who do not follow the news are inevitably moved in their views by their friend and associate news addicts, so it follows that if one wanted to reform the views of an nation, or even the entire world, all you would have to do is acquire a few prominent news outlets and begin to subtly push the particular narrative you have in mind. Of course, there will be opposition, writers who refuse to gleefully tell your lies, and so on, but writers are easily replaced and editors as well. A bonus check here and there, when the story comes out just the way you had in mind, has a powerful effect on someone renting a crappy flat in the covidy part of town.

Of course, it goes without saying that a person such as i am describing, will never appear on the evening news. That would simply spoil all the fun, old chap!

And while we are on the topic, have you not noticed this pattern? Before an election, the entire media will focus it’s love and adoration on a single candidate? Constantly giving them airtime and promoting their viewpoint until they are inevitably elected? Then, a year or two or three will pass and they will find themselves no longer the media darling they once were but instead, they will have every questionable thing they have ever uttered in a locker room full of jocks, aired over and over until an attitude of public contempt completely overwhelms them and their effigy is lit on fire in the public square, figuratively or even at times literally? And why is that?

Perhaps because they dared to challenge the policy of their behind the stage puppeteer(s)?

And what happens backstage is often not about money at all.

Just something to ponder: brains and hostility, like beauty and brains, are a deadly combination!

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