the premise

Since he begins with a false premise, his conclusions are sheer madness.”

And doesn’t that just make a whole lot of sense? It’s a bit like heading for Las Vegas from Canada and taking the number 1 east from Calgary. Wherever you run out of road, gas, or cash, you ain’t gonna be anywhere near the sin city you wanted to see.

Since a mere child, i have heard of the damage we are all doing to our atmosphere by simply goofing off being alive. For decades we were informed that our use of aerosol sprays were “depleting the ozone layer”, which sounded serious enough, and made one hesitant to push any button on any can for fear that the hole in the ozone would grow larger with some sort of ill-defined negative effect on us all. I think it was that we were going to get skin cancer or more than we were already getting or something like that. Who cares? We hardly hear the term “ozone” these days. I guess they fixed it.

The ozone layer demon has been replaced and for the last several decades it’s deadly C02, carbon dioxide, a gas we all expel with every breath we draw and exhale, and a ferocious enemy to us all. It is also released through combustion.

As Data puts it:

“Captain, our long range sensors are picking up evidence of aerosol contamination indicative of combustion”




“Isn’t that what i just said?”

And it seems that experts have convinced our dear leaders and statesmen that we are on the road to a greenhouse hell if we don’t limit or halt our co2 emissions ten thousand years ago. This is the premise from which flows virtually all of the earths public policy and determines what sort of future we can look forward to in the coming years. So it’s important to examine the validity of the premise, one would think, or else we may find our way to the wrong destination entirely.

A very quick search on the weights of Air and C02 confirm that C02 is in fact heavier than air. Air: 1.2929 kgs, C02: 1.836 kgs for the same volumes.

So presumably all those worries about c02 drifting up above earths atmosphere and blocking the heat of the sun from returning to the void of space are absolute bunk. Huh! Well…doggies! Well, it should have been obvious without it being pointed out to anyone who has been around a forest fire and noted the smoke ends up all over the ground and blocks the view of the end of your nose before long.

It’s like if you lose your 5 pound downrigger ball while fishing as i did this summer and wait around a day or 2 expecting it to float back to the surface, which would qualify any fisherperson for a room in the nutbox, complete with amenities and a door with no knob on the inside. And yet, here we are basing all these fearsome projections on a false premise. And from this initial folly, we are going down the road of killing our energy production and consumption, reducing our food supplies, toxinating as many people as possible, increasing the abortion rate to the max, (for the children) , talking young men into removing their genitals and young women the means of nursing babies, and generally raising hell all over the world because as WEF members are fond of telling us, “there are simply too many people on the planet”

Whenever someone makes this shocking proclamation i wait expectantly for them to take the next logical step and demonstrate the sincerity of their conviction, and so far at least, i have had to wait in vain.

The seriousness of the situation though, is quite real, even though it verges on the absurd. If we continue in the direction our dear leaders are taking us, we along with our neighbors enemies and friends are in for a world of hurt, as it is increasingly clear that the only solution to having “too many people” involves actions that, well, violate the spirit of the golden rule, shall we say, to put it lightly.

And if they are successful in reducing earth’s population, meaning everyone but themselves, i presume, at what point will they admit it was all based on a lie, the lie that c02 is lighter than air, and all have a really really good laugh at human gullibility and their own sophistication?

Oh and one more thing: Is anyone asking the obvious question,

Who exactly is going to benefit when we have saved the planet by culling the herd?

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