they got most of it right!

Even the most insane amongst us get some bits right.

We do need a new world, just not a new world ORDER.

Order, after all, is desired only by those with the insane desire to control our lives, those who think they alone know what is best for us. But if you consider the bumbling evident in their own lives, it does give reason to wonder if they have a clue what is right for even one other individual, let alone whole nations. Their wealth has deceived them; they think they are superior; they believe they are some kind of gods. As John Kerry recently proclaimed, something touched them. Yeah, you do seem a bit touched alright, you guys.

And yet the recent demonstration of the acumen of the world’s most successful parasites, has been everything but successful. They got away with an awful lot it is true, and now the bombs have been placed inside the bodies of billions of people all around the earth, who will sadly come to realize they have been poisoned, and that deliberately, by those they so foolishly trusted.

So, where did they fail?

That list of oops is pretty long, but had some key individuals not opened their mouths and pecked their messages onto keyboards, the outcome would have definitely been much different. Some suggest that venting online on social media and comment boards is ineffective and weak. The counter argument to that is to question the kind of shape we’d be in if there were no internet and all we had had to rely upon was the despicable lamestream media. Clearly, even larger numbers would have been taken in by the staged performances and raced in to be fully depopulated along with the rest.

Now they (the hierarchy enslaving you) have some real new world order problems on their hands and thanks God they do! People are so much more aware of their words and much more importantly their actions than they would have been if we were still in the era of WW1 or WW2 when newspapers and radios were all people had. Today we have instant access even to their patents! And these tell a much different story than what you may have seen on the globally coordinated big brother screens. They tell of plans to link your body to the internet through your cellphone so that your bodily functions can be monitored and to provide communication both ways and that’s just one example!

Consider also their desire to patent every living thing on the planet by modifying it all which is completely nutz.

We’re also aware of the keen desire some software developing philanthropists have to set the world right by culling the herd back to less than a billion and forcing the rest to existences so terrible that the earliest humans on earth would be shocked. But because of this ever-growing awareness, people are adjusting their responses to the endless commandments coming down from their worthless echo chambers.

We have scored some victories. Many people owe a tremendous debt to the truckers of Alberta who dared to challenge the authorities and create a public disturbance. Even though no one except a few authorities resorted to violence, it was enough to force a bit of new understanding into the soft heads of those who feel superior to the rest of us and open up the world to a modicum of sanity once again.

But now is not the time to drop the armor. The battle is not over; if it were we would not be reading about the miserable wretches gathering again in the neutral country of Switzerland to discuss the furthering of their wretched agenda. It’s clear enough from this alone that they have no intention of backing off, despite a weakness of heart of some of their membership. More pressure is needed in order to bring to an end the push for medical control of the entire population of the earth.

We cannot wait for some white knight to ride in for the rescue. Even if an action hero were to cut the flow of oxygen to a few of them for awhile, the problem is the ideology and the doctrine they follow, more than just one individual or another. And the best way to fight an ideology that is false is to draw it forward to it’s inevitable conclusion. Are they promising a glorious future or are they simply rewarding themselves with our stolen repurposed goods and seeking to eliminate their victims one by one?

So to bring this to wraps, we need to fight the ideology and that is going to take awhile, just like it took awhile to get to this point. If you are afraid to speak now, what will you do when the gun’s at your head? Because there are those in this insane fake climate movement of theirs, so deeply invested, that physical violence will be viewed as their only way forward. It’s going to take tremendous courage to stand our ground when that occurs, especially on a global scale, and unfortunately that is the reality we could soon be facing.

They got most of it right, we do need a new world, a new world with them locked up somewhere taking a bit of their own medicine.

A world without their version of order.

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