the protection racket

“Because accidents will happen… like the killing of you, by us…” (the simpsons)

It’s 3 AM and there’s a knock at the door. Not worried at all, ` you answer in your pajamas, slippers and nightcap.

Turns out your neighbor has just been roughed up by a couple of thugs. Only thing is, it’s the selfsame thugs who are warning you, next time it could happen to you!

Thankfully though, there is an exit door from your new problem. The thugs promise to prevent this sort of thing happening to you, should you have no objection to passing them a couple hundred a month… a meesly  sum considering the safety which will soon be yours.

Clever devils, protecting you from themselves! But what choice have you got? The bruises and bandages all over your neighbor testify to the folly of not paying for this exciting new insurance policy!

Now imagine, if you will, what would happen if this principle were to be applied to an entire nation?  Or globally perhaps?

Or are we all victims of something eerily similar already?

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