barter fixes this

Can you imagine a world free from the ravishments of the parasitic class, a world where production of needed services and goods is rewarded in kind, and right on the spot?

While difficult to conceive, this ideal is not impossible to achieve, at least on a temporary and personal basis.   All you need is some useful skill or item you produce and a recipient for it who is willing to part with something you can use.   The biggest detriment of using this method, versus the tired old “bill me” is that no third party is involved, and the leeching class is left on the sidelines, drooling in vain, which although tragic, does not have to be an insurmountable problem.

Yes there are limitations. One glaring one is that bartering doesn’t normally work when it comes to taxes and licenses.   Will you take this jersey cow for my property tax this year?   Well, it’s worth a try but normally, taxes are due in the currency insisted upon by the central bankers of the country in which the property is held, forcing the owner to generate said currency, and pay the income tax on the income he’s forced to earn to pay the taxes, on time, in full. You see what they did there now don’t you?

Other than that exception you are good to go, and the possibilities are endless.   The biggest drawback of the barter system would seem to  be that some people produce absolutely nothing useful and so you will be forced to accept their worthless roth child candy wrappers  or not perform your service, which is always an option.   But be careful how you refuse their bizniss or you may be accused of racism or phobic or masogonistic or or or…!

I’ve been told by a reliable source that these transactions are taxable and the “income” should be reported but c’mon man! The value of services and goods and used goods is purely subjective. And why shouldn’t 2 agreeable people decide they like each other’s jackets better and make a swap without both having to report some non-existent profit?

But as someone said, “the difference between avoision and evasion is about 12 years so some precautions may be in order.

I’ve been doing considerable thinking about the financial system and have read probably thousands of articles on the topic and the recurring theme is that the world is writhing in financial agony due largely or entirely to the freedom of those at it’s top to execute the “print” button and reward whomever they wish with great dollops of cash, and indebt individuals, corporations and whole nations to themselves by this simple means. And i cannot forget that famous quote of Mayer Amschel Rothschild who said, “give me control of a nation’s currency and i care not who makes it’s laws“. This control is an unfathomable privilege which arguably should never have been granted in the first place.

How is it right that I build a house, sell it to a man who takes a mortgage using the nation’s currency, and when he defaults, the bank takes over ownership? No banker has pounded a nail and yet the bank owns the property?

Not only is that brutally unfair, but printing the money for the debt, without also printing the money needed for the interest due on all these loans is guaranteed to result in worldwide indebtedness, which it has done, and the numbers have become so outrageous that default and a massive worldwide implosion is baked in at this point, so like it or not, bartering may well be in all of our short term futures! Might as well get up to speed wouldn’t you think?

All the best out there!!

barter barter let’s get smarter!

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