are they jealous?

A close friend was once told by his grandmother long years ago that if something happens which is very difficult to understand, that he should consider fear or jealousy as possible motivators. Excellent advice!

When i first read of the virus, the very first time i read of it in fact, i read that it had “flu-like symptoms” and i immediately thought, here we go again. Because we have seen this movie before, many times, (sars, legionaires, swine and bird flu, h1n1, on and on it goes) and it is always the same plot and always the same ending. Great heaps and piles of media-hyped fear, followed by vaccine development, following by the next deadly virus. And so the situation has developed, right on cue, exactly as planned by the elite uber-masters of the lowly masses.

I have deliberately, since this fiasco began, avoided reading any articles on the plague of death, do not have cable tv or the dish, and have simply done whatever research i deemed necessary from the comforting glow of my phone and computer. This policy has served me very well. I have also written a number of articles on my two blogs on other topics and have likewise avoided writing much on the virus, simply because i do not want to add fuel to the fires of contraversy on this particular, beaten-to-death-and-beyond topic. But i believe now to be the appropriate time due to the simple fact that time has shown that people are not dying at anywhere near the rates predicted and so i wade into the waters of the not-so-mighty alleged pandemic.

I suppose if i were one of the figures behind the scenes, manipulating the strings of the media, what i would most want to convey to the people i wish to subjugate and bring to heel in my beloved new world order, is that they should not believe their lying eyes when they look out on the streets of their home towns and cities, and notice that their are no people dying on the street, coughing up blood and lung tissue. Also that the mere fact that they know no one individual who has suffered even the common cold in the last six months, or the local reports they may have heard from people working in medicine about the lack of productive activity in local clinics and hospitals is a mere local anomaly and not typical of the situation around the world. That the disaster is taking it’s toll somewhere else is all anyone really needs to know.

But i do wonder about the mindset of someone who desires to kill every joyful activity to be found on the planet. What sort of individual would want to stop all public sports activities, ruin the nightlife of cities all over the earth, stop people from attending services which they find meaningful and helpful in their lives, destroy romantic opportunities for the young and the old, separate friends and families from each other, even as they lay on their deathbeds, and all because of a lie?

And i considered fear and jealousy , above all jealousy and i believe this may explain the current situation better than any other attempts i could muster. Could it be the uber-wealthy of the world, the oligarchs who meet each year in Davos and discuss our collective futures and what they will do to bring their plans about for us all, are simply jealous of the unruly filthy masses beneath them, which, in their own minds at least, they govern with underappreciated and impeccable skill?

Think about what it would be like to have so much money, running into the billions and trillions even, and more and more pouring in daily as your corporations force your governments all over the world to do your bidding! You live above the law, you do not know what is is like to approach your car and see a parking ticket under the wiper blade. In fact, you are so well hidden and so well protected that the murders you have had performed and indeed the violent wars you have provoked and orchestrated in so many countries have only positive consequences for you in your own posh life. You live above it all, but sadly, their has been a price to pay for all of that.

And that price is that you cannot be seen in public. You cannot take a walk in Madrid in the evening shadows with someone whose company you enjoy, simply to take in the sights and sounds. You cannot attend a rodeo or football game or even the public funeral of someone you cared for, for fear you will be recognized by a person you have harmed, directly or indirectly. So, even though you have reached a position of enormous wealth and privilege, you cannot participate in the simple pleasure of attending a sporting event, or going out on the town for a drink at night. But the rest of us can! And the thought of the rest of us enjoying things you cannot enjoy drives you mad to distraction!!

Maybe i am onto something, maybe i am not, but do you not think it just a little bit odd that every last prescription for fighting the baloney-virus has involved the great unwashed giving up some form of joyful and satisfying activity, in which the elitist members of society cannot participate?

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