the conversation

Purely Imagined conversation amongst central bankers:

“Good evening and welcome to our little backroom chitchat..”


” Many of us have become a bit bored with the status quo, and allowing the plebs their ‘freedoms’, even despite all our efforts in so many lands. So, now, while it is called ‘today’, we propose to take over the world, literally, and own it entirely. The people have become too numerous and unable to service their indebtedness to us , so I hereby propose a global wealth confiscation scheme in return for a “reduction” ahem, in the indebtedness of nations, individuals and businesses worldwide. We will accomplish this through means of creating a great difficulty for all people  everywhere through means of absurd levels of currency depreciation, er… money printing, which will force nearly everyone into receivership so that we can then ride to the rescue and ‘save them’.

“Ok, that makes sense, but how will we hide the fact that we will accomplish this through means of absurd levels of money printing, creating massive inflation and the destruction of all the worlds currencies?

“Oh we have that little problem well in hand. May I introduce you to a certain Mr Bill Needles, who will explain how we will not only distract all the masses globally through means of an alleged… ahem… pandemic? I think he calls it, but also destroy their businesses, homes and children’s lives, hopes and dreams in the process. It’s quite a genius solution, I think. Let’s all welcome Mr Needles to our little forum today… if you would be so kind….”

Clapping ensues.

a canadian politician who actually gets it

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