The recent dissenter-pummeling muscle-flexing seen in the Canadian province of New Brunswick where grocery stores, yes grocery stores, are now allowed to refuse service to purebloods, highlights in glowing pink the fact that once a person is invested in a lie, it darn near impossible for them to look reality in the face and say, Hey! I see you standing there!

Having spent 8 difficult years in sales I managed to learn a couple of things but mostly due to my lack of knowledge of human behavior, I sucked at it. What tripped me up again and again and again was my erroneous belief that humans are logical creatures who always act in tune with predictable reality-driven ideals, instead of grasping that they normally only act on raw emotion, with logic barely factoring in any decisions whatsoever.

I mean, come on man! Logically, if any of the measures we were forced to take to destroy our lives and those of the next 3 generations to flatten the curve would have been remotely effective we would have waved Auf Wiedersehen  to our mysophobia at least a year and a half ago.

The fact that our politicians are still obsessing over keeping gramma safe now into their third year shows as clearly as spam in a ziploc bag just how invested and illogical and emotional these politically-driven decisions have become.

Does anyone for a second believe that not one single lonely tomato or apple or can of spam was never once in its creation defiled by the touch of an unvaxxturbated person? Arguably, the entire building along with all its contents including the underwear of most of the customers and employees has been handled by an unclean individual at some point! Imagine the risk of cross-contamination even with the exclusion of perfectly healthy pureblood unpurified customers! Horrifying!

And utterly irrelevant to the authorities who are exhausting themselves in the shadow-boxing display case they willfully own.


Raw emotion is what is driving this story onwards and downwards and those of us waiting for this to end happily are likely to be disappointed because another characteristic of the human creation is it’s stubborn refusal to admit when it is wrong.

Imagine if you will, Justin Trudeau standing up in his suit and charmingly tousled hair at a Canadian Propaganda Corporation press conference and announcing that it was wrong. It was wrong of him to inflict all of these useless rules on his fellow Canadians. Oops! How clumsy of me! He He He, turns out the dreaded virus was a mere phantom after all, not being much more effective at inflicting death and despair than the common cold, and that the entire mobilization of the full force of governmental power was in fact, an unnecessary waste of resources in a useless fight against a non-adversary… My bad….lol.

Is that ever going to happen on any planet in our solar system no.

Invested.  Emotionally invested. From the owner of the grocery store in New Brunswick to the Yukon Government employee who just took the nanoparticle graphene injection so he could stay living in her heavily mortgaged house, more and more Canadians are invested. They have crossed the Rubicon River and there is no going back, there is no bridge to go back, because going back would involves facing facts and dealing with problems logically and admitting they have been mistaken and deceived!

Much simpler for the moment to carry on in soul-satisfying self-delusion and hope it all just goes away…somehow.   But as a friend once told me, “hope is great. As long as it isn’t false hope.”

At this point, it is becoming as obvious as blubber on a land-whale that there is a doubling down of all previous insanity amongst the leadership, rather than the humility which is so desperately needed. All we are seeing is a naked refusal to face facts and admit that nothing, no measures they have implemented or mandates they have deployed have had the slightest positive effect on the lives of the people forced to live with these endless, useless royal commands and diktats.

Like an old guy once told me with a twinkle in his eye, “I thought I was wrong once, but it turned out I was mistaken.”


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