please don’t keep us quite so safe anymore, ok? …

Can anyone remember at exactly which point we made  the gummit responsible to “keep us all safe?”

Originally, it was thought that some form of authority might be helpful in settling disputes between neighbors, or in designing and working together on larger projects such as, i dunno, roads for example, which would provide a common benefit to all. I really don’t think anyone was ever handed the reigns of authority for the specific purpose of keeping people safe, and yet, somehow, those we believe are in authority over us have taken this mantel upon themselves and become our guardians in every aspect of our lives. We are up to our armpits in so much safety! If the pattern persists, it’s not a stretch to imagine people laying haphazardly about on the concrete, starving to death while wearing helmets, masks, rubber gloves and chainsaw-proof boots under signs forbidding swimming in the nearby sewage lagoon. 

At least the guy that puts on my pants in the morning has  been under the assumption that it’s a near certainty that at some point, for some reason, my eyelids are gonna stop blinking. In fact there are entire industries built up on the expectation of that happening to me at some point. 

The life insurance industry would collapse overnight if the gummit is successful in its new self-appointed duty.   Morticians and coroners and lawyers everywhere would weep in despair.   What purpose would a will serve except as a source of future humor?  “Well, woman, looks like you won’t be getting rid of me for awhile. Might as well chuck that last will and testament of mine you were looking forward to activating one day! Heh heh heh.” 

So i’m guessing a bit here but I don’t think even our dimest and dullest overlords actually believe they have a dustball’s chance in a vacuum factory of “keeping us all safe”.   I mean, really only an idiot would suggest it’s even possible in the first place.   And surely they don’t think of  us as all as a nation of idiots, do they?!

So i’m filing this stuff as total in my face provocation. They believe they have us in the corner of the ring, our arms hanging loose and limp from the ropes, unconscious and incoherent, only dimly aware of our surroundings through blackened and swollen slits and now they are laying the heavy blows to our noggins.   

We, the truebloods vaccine hesitant, have defied every attempt they have made to keep us safe by re purposing the common covid and horrifying us using every media outlet they own, in order to force us to accept the only cure in the world, promoted tirelessly by the only one in the universe who knows the only cure in the universe. They have made this cure freely available to the masses by transferring our slavery taxes to enormous purveyors of instant cures in pill-form.   And still we refuse to obey accept their generosity?

How much more deception concern could they have shown us all?

And still we have not deified them as gods as they so richly deserve for wrecking ruling over our lives and caring for us so wonderfully ! 
Instead we have defied them, openly on the streets, forcing their minions to beat us with clubs and rubber bullets and water cannons for our own safety.  How dare we?

So now it’s a bit like adolph reportedly said when some defeated Germans found him hiding in south America: “ok. Ok. I’ll come back and rule again, for the fatherland, but this time, no more mister nice guy!”

Get some heavy clothes together. That’s my takeaway.   What’s stopping them from refusing us every license and permission slip at this point? Oh but hey if I get my veins stuffed with graphene oxide and murdered baby parts my whole life will come back and i’ll be golden though and so very very very safe.   

Uh huh.

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