we never learn…

Well it’s Easter Friday. Julian is still in belmarsh. Justin trudo is still goose-stepping around squashing Canadian freedoms. Health care workers are still pushing the lethal injections. And the Western central bankers are still throwing everything they have left, which isn’t a lot, at overthrowing evil vlad.

So perhaps one could say that some of us may have missed some of the lessons of the teachings of Christ and his example that he set when the punishments that we deserved fell on him on what someone decided to call Good Friday. And that is a very big loss to us all..

And as a result of that oversight, those of us who have seen the smoke need to prepare for some really tough times. We have already gone through some gnarly brambles but it’s unlikely that we are on the rebound when our leaders are leading us so determinedly into ruin, poverty and despair in their idealistic self-absorption.

I used to see a sign on walls in offices that read, “do something: lead, follow, or get out of the way” . And I’ve always felt that “get out of the way” is the best option for me because leading this kind of society is not an option i’d entertain unless we made a complete 180 somehow. Following is definitely a hard no too and that leaves “getting out of the way” as the best option at this time. Well maybe I’m still in the way and i hope i am but how do those of us who long for a better world function in the meantime?

Maybe we can really only create our own better worlds in small microcosms and hope that possibly others will see and understand as we try to follow a better example than that of the military/media/political/medical industrial complex. And in whatever situation you find yourself there are certain moves you can make that should result in a more carefree existence for you during these times we are suffering our way through, some will suffer more, some less. And following is a list of some of the things that I have found helpful:

Carbohydrates and by this I mean seed type food products such as oatmeal, flour, peanuts and beans are little power packed modules of extra energy and life giving support. You should be well stocked with these by now they are inexpensive and readily available still. During the time i was going through divorce, i literally lived on peanuts and i found that even though my work was intensely physical, it took not much more than a cup or two of them to get me through a day. There is a reason that the military is so fond of peanut butter so there’s a practical hint for you, but beware that any additional unconsumed calories are going to find a new home somewhere!

Today, carbohydrates especially in raw form are not difficult or expensive to obtain, and it’s only after processing into bagged snacks that the banker is needed for financing purposes, but they may be hard to find in the world in the world that is coming so the best some of us who do no farming can do, is put a few jars of peanuts away while we can.

Next I would recommend selecting a spot where the basics are available without resorting to drawing down your exciting nwo world citizen bank account. Ideally if you can find a place that’s little used, has fresh water and wood for building and heat and plentiful game, wildlife, berries and other edibles that would be ideal. Of course, in that regard, it is well to remember you will not be the only one out on the land seeking pleasant vistas in which to re-settle and this is a whole nother topic. I sometimes imagine my home near the alaska highway being overrun as by hordes of ants, should some need to leave the lower 48 occur.

Other than being in a position to take advantage of wilderness retreats of whatever type, it’s going to be a very difficult world in the inner cities.

The former parasites are going to be the worst offenders because they are spoiled rotten and used to having everything at their command and when their pantry is dry they’re going to become extremely desperate. Ironically the homeless will be in the best position to know how to handle the coming days because they are used to suffering and deprivation and have learned a few tricks about surviving without visa and yes, there is life after visa folks, just maybe not the kind you are used to.. The most ironic part is that the suffering will occur not so much because of a lack of resources but because of the desperation the people will feel when their lives get completely up-ended.

Consider the fact that life was not only possible but many thousands or millions, who knows? of people lived full and satisfying lives on this very continent and never once did they darken the door of a costco. Shocking thought, i know, you may want to sit down for awhile and rest now and recover. And these days, there are buildings, hotels, swimming pools, roads, guns, engines, refinery plants and on and on, so removing money from the system doesn’t mean sudden death for all. We present day savages have advantages of which the savages of the past could only dream!

Another thing on the list of things you will want in the future is the ability to look after yourself, and here you will be limited by your own knowledge and experience base. Failing skillsets of your own, your only hope is likely to be finding someone else on the outside of the nwo camp who has the ability to solve whatever problem you are facing along with the desire to do so. So clearly, investing in some new skills is never a waste of time! Lately i’ve been enjoying a lot of the material on youtube and although they have been rightly criticized for their censorial activities, there are a great many useful videos of every kind of experimentation imaginable and many of the things i’ve learned i definitely plan to implement in the future. People used to have to pay for every tiny bit of knowledge they could find, can you imagine that?

The biggest problem, as always, is likely to be the presence of those who feel superior and justified in their self-righteous desire to rule for our benefit. I was once part of a group of about 10 people who used to meet to discuss how best to work toward a given objective, and the leader resigned! And strangely, no one stepped forward to fill the vacuum. There wasn’t a single one in the group who wished to rule over their peers. Amazing huh? And yet more amazingly, the group continued to function extremely well with no head, much like a certain chicken i just learned of that was decapitated and continued it’s life without a head, the owner dropping a bit of grain down it’s throat now and again. And if you believe that story, i have several more you’ll enjoy, but the point remains, humans are capable of functioning without a ruler.

Which brings me back to the point of this writing: namely that the governments of this world have forfeited the legitimacy of their governance and need to be largely ignored wherever possible. I base this assessment merely on the fact that they have, under the tutelage of KS and his puppet masters, to reduce the numbers of us, place us in tiny homes in tiny towns, and control our ability to live our lives as GOD intended: freely and thankfully. Since they have acted as our enemy rather than as friends, let’s just cut the cords and leave them to their well-deserved miserable conclusions. Perhaps they will find their own way forward, perhaps not, but that is a story for a nother day.

Thanks for reading all the way to this sentence and if you enjoyed…. oh the hell with it… 🙂

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