motive unclear

I’m pretty certain i will not do this due to the extreme anti-right bias so prevalent on twitter but if I ever going to start a new twitter account I think I’ll call it “motive unclear”.

There actually are an abundance of 2 buck catch-phrases going around and around out there. Apparently, imagination is the latest victim of Donald Trump or climate change.

Are we really to believe that investigative reporters all over the world, people who train for and spend their lifetime careers digging up odd bits of information-gruel to serve up for information-junkies cannot for the life of them discover the motive for the latest chop ‘n’ mop? 

I mean, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to find the motive behind the 2 bullet suicide of a hillary-accuser or the recent murder of a 22 year-olds mom’s new drug-dealing boyfriend or the divorced guy who just lost a custody battle ramming a pizza-truck into a court building in Dallas now should it?

Of course, there are legal implications in naming a motive as factual but surely some suggestions could be offered up, could they not? Because I find it fascinating how this aspect of virtually every news story is scrubbed clean of any reference to this all-important aspect of any murder or multiple-murder or attempted multiple murder story.

This journalistic oversight even spills over into stories of mass protests. Virtually never is a possible motive for the protests ever discussed or named.  At the moment, there are multiple mass protests going on in many parts of the world and they do get some mass media attention, it’s true. 

But why is the motivation for the protests given so little, if any, attention? Could it be that the protests are directed at the very people who own the people who produce the latest news-mush?


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