che ne benificio?

What do “che ne beneficio” and “Wer profitiert” have in common? Turns out they both mean “who benefits?”. One of the quickest ways to get to the source of a thing is to simply ask the question: who benefits?

It was quite obvious early on in the era of computing that no one would benefit from sitting in their mom’s basement and developing viruses to infect computers all over the world at scale. The only possible benefits someone would receive from doing that might come from those who sell the antivirus software or from a malicious sense of humor from damaging other people’s lives and upsetting people as their computers crashed… somewhere. And such a person would have no way of knowing whether his program was working, or even being aware of the damage and aggravation being caused.

It also did not seem that someone could continue to get that kind of a thrill out of creating computer viruses over decades and decades and never be caught. With technology developing at a furious pace why was this individual or group never caught, never arrested, never once announced in the media? Obviously something else was going on. Either there were no such thing as computer viruses whatsoever and every time a computer failed it was blamed on a virus, or they were being maliciously created by paid individuals along with the software to defeat them!

So that’s one example of tracing back and finding the beneficioso of a problem, a created problem/solution scenario.

Then some decades later we have the the Epic Demic: the global transformation of society into a quivering mass of human flesh hiding under it’s beds and tables for fear of flitting little particles in the atmosphere that may possibly cause their early demise. Again the question who benefits is very useful in determining the origin of said virus because it’s patently obvious that the pharmaceutical companies were the primary beneficiaries as as they were able to coerce governments into taking public funds to buy their products and on a global scale!

This was actually quite a stroke of devilish genius from a diabolical point of view to create all these imaginary or real viruses and the alleged cure for said viruses and the side benefit of reducing the world’s population must have made some eugenicists very happy indeed! Now they had more wealth to buy up more property coming available because of the deaths of landowners and business owners and they could increase their market share and hence global dominance accordingly.

Applying this principle to the latest banking collapse it’s a intriguing question to consider once again who benefits? Obviously the depositors at the Silicon Valley Bank are not the beneficiaries of of the collapse as they will lose considerable portions of their congealed fortunes so we have to look elsewhere for the potential reasons behind the bank collapse or shall we say ensuing cascade of banking collapses as some allege will shortly occur. It’s been alledged that Jamie Dimon will profit immensely from the collapse of smaller Banks but I think it goes a little higher than that. We need to find the true beneficiaries of the coming bank implosion and global economic losses. And for this we can go all the way back to the the origins of the fiat money upon which the entire banking industry is based. Namely the owners of the money printers in the central banks who create these disasters for their own rewards or perhaps we should say, at least potentially are in a great position to do so.

Consider if you will the power you would wield if you had control of the monetary system of the entire globe and could determine who would benefit from the latest round of money printing! You could literally pre-determine outcomes on a global scale! If you wanted to reduce the Earth’s population you can fund the companies that offer enhanced means of performing this operation. If you wish to enhance the position of a certain race of people you can see to it that their environment is conducive to grow, whereas another people group or demographic would be finding difficulties in business and obtaining funding for their desired projects.

The simple phrase who benefits has been used of course by multiple authorities as an aid in locating criminals and certainly is not a new thing. Seeking the motive for a crime is very helpful in solving a case. Most people that commit crimes such as murders or thefts or other forms of violence against their neighbors are doing so for either financial gain or some other benefit and despite their best attempts to conceal their crimes, the glaring light, motive is more difficult to hide.

Jealousy is a huge potential motivation too as is fear. They say the most difficult crimes to solve are the ones with no motive at all, just impulse crimes. But what’s happening these days globally is obviously far more than a simple impulse crime. It reeks of high levels of coordination and planning.

Yet another example of che ne beneficio is the blowing up of the Nordstrom pipeline. Starting from the premise of who benefits, it’s pretty clear that the US stands to profit from an increased volume of sales of natural gas and other energy sources to Europe if Russia is unable to deliver natural gas to it’s markets. It also points to a potential origin for the need for the Ukraine conflict itself, by interrupting the shipping of products from the former Soviet Union to Europe which would also be in the interests of Canada and the United States. This motivation may help to explain the weaponization of the NATO countries. It seems that the western powers are pulling their goalie in a desperate attempt to eliminate the competition once and for all.

And if all of that motive-seeking were not enough, there is another helpful way to determine what might be going on behind the scenes. And that is to look for fear or jealousy. This was the advice given to a friend of mine by his grandmother many years ago in France when she told him to consider fear and jealousy when seeking motives. When something happens that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever consider fear and jealousy as possible motivators. She was not wrong.

Of course motive does not always work flawlessly in discovery of the truth. Simply because the motive is there doesn’t mean that the individual being fingered is guilty of some offense, but it does give you a sweet place to begin the search. Some challenges we face individually and some we face collectively. The unbelievable assault on farming, of all things, is one we face collectively and we need to get to work, find the source of the problem and quiet it down very quickly or we will be the ones quieted.  And che ne beneficio is a great place to start.

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