low level learning: report

shortened attention spa

In a recently-released study by the LLL Institute (low level learning) it was determined that people in general cannot maintain focus on a monologue which lasts longer than 30 minutes. According to senior fellow Douglas Martens, it was determined that after only ten minutes of his informative dissertations on any topic, listeners eyes began to glaze and that after 20 minutes of his fascinating stories about his many failed experiments in human interaction, leave-taking hints were noted, but as the monologue continued unabated, some study subjects actually began openly limiting eye contact, started checking their phones for messages and in one rather shocking case, simply walked away without explanation.

The study concluded with the recommendation that communications between people be limited to ten words or less and avoid meaningless repetitions and redundancies and over-simplications and unnecessary explanations of simple concepts and easy to grasp ideas because apparently people value their limited time on the planet at a greater level than they value your recent societal rejection stories along with your recently-heightened political activisms along various lines.

These shortened attention-spans may have their origins in the social media where people have become addicted to the latest viral gifs or perhaps people have always valued their limited time in the great experience of simply being alive. Mr Martens concluded the study with the thought that further experimentation may be necessary and he awaits more volunteers and thanks especially those who have read this comment to it’s well-deserved, miserable conclusion.

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