get your covidy hands off my mcfries!

We all know the costs of the coronaclypse well enough by now.

So what are the hidden benefits we may glean from this alleged pandemic?

At least, perhaps we can add a few items to our future vocabularies, if that is not asking too much? And it is along this line in which I feel I can be off some assistance to my be-masked and well and truly sanitised fellow-humanoids.

Shall we begin with a few simple examples, and perhaps expand upon them as ideas present?

Going full Wuhan: this of course refers to an overreaction of whatever type it may be, ranging from bleaching the cat to getting your head pig-shaved because your better half criticized your hairstyle once too often.

Someone dying of the covids: or
He got the covids: these expressions can be used to indicate someone is sick, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, socially, whatever, and we are absofrigginglutely clueless as to the true underlying issue.

Went out and got coronaed: this may refer to an over-prescription of mexican ale or things of a more personal nature.

I’d like a wuhan burger with extra covid and a side of corona-fries please: If we do not end this covidyhell with at least one new item at Mcdonalds then I just do not know how I shall go on.

You keep your covidy hands off my girl! Surely we can at least gain a new adjective for all of our covidized misery. No?

He really covidized your bank account last Sunday, didn’t he? someone abusing or damaging personal property to the point where it is unrecognizable and unuseable in its former glory.

A pandemic of _____: a yuge amount, as in, “i’d like two toothbrushes, ¬†forty masks, one syringe, and a pandemic of lysol, please.

Now, why should I be the one to do all the thinking up new wordses for you?  Your turn. Go.

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