a hot old investment

hot hot hot old investment!

and off to town we go…

— Hot Old “Investment”…

Could there be any correlation between the fact that banks  pay    
skimpy interest when our money’s deposited with them ,while charging  heavily when it’s borrowed from them, and the enormous profits banks typically report?  

Of course there is!  So why do we use banks at all? I think one reason is safety of our deposit. We trust the banks to return the amounts that we put on deposit  more than we would trust, say, a second cousin with a great investment concept… Secondly we use banks because of the perceived and real shortage of investment opportunities which  will yield a reasonable return over time with certainty.

So those poor neglected dollars languish  uselessly in banks, slowly eroding in purchasing power due to  low interest rate returns and inflation rather than doing something truly useful for their owners. It’s heartbreaking really, if you think about it!

What if it were possible for you to obtain 20 to 50 percent annual return on your investments without involving the banks at all? Would you be interested?

 A penny saved is still a penny earned.  In fact in our times a penny saved is a penny and tax. So isn’t it much more profitable to save the pennies we have than  to earn  new ones, pay the tax on them and  bank ever reducing amounts?

So… Why not buy the  items  we will need tomorrow in bulk quantities at a greatly  reduced  cost?

Products go on sale all the  time. Sometimes there are great discounts in pricing  for various  items which we commonly consume. When you buy only small quantities as you need them you may find yourself running out of soup and craving it which necessitates a trip to the store incurring expenses for gasoline, parking and  speeding tickets, bribing the cops and all that, and so on.  Also there is the loss of your valuable time to consider- something to do while waiting in those maddening lineups…! Or… you could be comfortably at home considering  the likelihood that the price of the item you had the foresight to buy in bulk will rise before it is ultimate consumption, further increasing your “return”!

So in summary if you have a spare money in the bank consider the  potential return on a purchase of items that you are going to need within the next 12 months.  And while you are busy considering, consider also the immediate, certain  savings of buying in bulk coupled with the fact that the money you save is not taxable on any basis whatsoever! 

I could go even further and suggest that slapping a truly great bulk buy on the plastic may ultimately prove productive but i’ll let you do the math on that baby!

And, as always… you’re welcome!

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