radio silence

Radio silence.

With the millions of news items documenting the latest death rates, would you not imagine there would be some small discussion here and there on what the worldwide lockdowns are doing to tax bases? You know, that little thingy which provides the income which authorities require to rule over us all, provide a few basic services for the genpop, keep the pensions flowing, whilst servicing all their gargantuan debt loads?

Interesting is it not, that this topic rates no airtime? It’s almost as if the whole topic of taxation has become irrelevant or something.

I mean, obviously, pretty much all businesses with a name have taken enormous blows to their income streams, which will inevitably result in huge decimations to govern-men  revenue streams as early as 2021. And as for immediate day to day losses, it would be interesting to see some charts on sales tax reductions in the last three months, worldwide.

For but one example, apparently we are burning so much less fuel that refineries are actually being paid to accept crude oil from the tankers. Really? Imagine being told way back in 1990 that would happen in the current year! Gasoline sales are down bigly and all those gallons and litres going unsold are definitely affecting road tax revenues in real time.

Well, maybe taxation has really become irrelevant and that is the reason for the radio silence on the topic.

Why not just have the central banks print money as needed to free us all permanently from taxation, or is that in fact, the brave new plan of the wunnerful brave new whirled planners of Davos Switzerland fame? Because obviously, there is no other possible way for the nations to pay any amount of meaningful interest on the trillions the nations owe the Davos boys, what with whole populations sitting at home in their pajamas at 3 in the afternoon making lattes, to say nothing of actually making any reductions on our nation’s debts!

Interesting times even at zero and negative interest rates!

What a different world than the one in which I was born! People worked in that world, produced a thing, paid their taxes for basic law and order and everything functioned despite sickness, accident and the inevitable deaths without the safety we enjoy today. Can you believe that? Comparing that mostly logical world with the insanity of our day is simply boggling! I am boggled I tell you!

I like the expression: “reality is just an escape for those who can not face their fantasies”.

And yet I have found that chasing fantasies ends in poverty, misery and despair, while meaningful production, along with a well planned attack on one’s problems, is what results in growth, happiness and a general state of “well-bean”.  The same is true for nations, and the weird fantasy the world is currently chasing can only end in shortages of product, along with general chaos, starvation and a return to a physically brutal jungle mentality.

If money really is the answer to everything, why not just print quad-trillions and drop it in everyone’s plate, THE END? Because you can’t eat paper? Ahh! So someone has to get some dirt under their nails, maybe put the wrapper on some real food, right? And who is that going to be when everyone of us is a trillionaire because of govern-men generosity, I wonder?

So according to my good friend Captain Obvious, it is “pretty clear” that massive change is afoot. Ancient businesses are toppling like dominoes  and what will replace them? What’s the plan, Davos boys? Global pan-communism? Something much worse? Because it sure looks that way to some of us!

And another thing: apparently, the state is looking to actually buy up and otherwise take over the ownership of whole businesses and sectors of the stock market and with the trillionaire class owning huge portions of the debts of whole countries, what is standing in the way of foreclosure on whole nations, and unrolling a one world govern-men, with just one acceptable religion, one currency and one overlord for all of us serf-peasants?

The doom-preppers don’t look quite so paranoid to me anymore, just sayin’.

Or will you just roll over and follow their wunnerful brave new plan for your life? You know, like this?

“Always trust in your dear govern-men over-watchers. Always trust the people who steal implement taxation privileges to your work by force everyday of your life for your own good. Surely they have your best interests at heart and will always work for your good.  Always believe in them and do everything they tell you to do, oh joyful citizen of the wurl !”

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