who shut off canada, eh?

holding the line…

Shockingly, here, yes even here in Canada’s Yukon territory, there was an actual honest to goodness protest or two, this past weekend!!

Yes, it’s the truth, and even more shockingly, not a single politician came to explain the justification for firing granting leave without pay to perfectly capable employees for refusing the clotshot.  Can you believe that?

shocking display of insubordination! lol

Now first of all you must understand that Canadians never revolt against anything due to  chronic shortages of revolution permitting offices in our land. Probably a supply chain problem of some kind…

So what is the reason for this shocking display of insubordination?   Well, it turns out that some of us great white northerners actually want a say in what goes into their bloodstreams.   And this shouldn’t be up for debate if you think about it for one second.

If it’s ok for a politician to force vaxxinate it’s population, what’s wrong with date rape drugging a girl or deciding grandma has had a full life so here comes that syringe, granny…
There apparently are some limits which even the docile population of Canada will not allow to be crossed and bodily autonomy is one of those for a lot of us.

It is shocking and stupifying to consider the level of hypocrisy in play up here.   After decades of screeching about women’s rights to choose here we are on the edge of the cliff, having our women and children, who are our future btw, being coerced and threatened into being mass injected with arguably life-shortening concoctions that some would hesitate giving their pet iguana, were they fully and properly informed before giving consent.

Everywhere and all the time, arbitrary mandates and rules are issued from on high, never unaccompanied by repetitive platitudes and never with accompanying scientific proofs of the need for same.

So, we Canadians are finally pushing back and If we can so it, anyone bloody can!

It’s true, the docile 90 percent have yet to exert any real effort to bring this farcical cherade pandemic to its well-deserved miserable conclusion but a fire has finally been lit under the armchairs of some who are willing to walk from 10, 20 and 30year careers rather than submit to Justin’s figurative date-rape drug and it is a joyful thing to behold. 

Go ye and do likewise if you feel the stirring in the force.

If not, see you crawling up for your 14th mandatory booster and I don’t want to hear any whining because you bought and paid for it all with your lovely endearing Canadian docile tolerance, acceptance, compliance and silence.  lol.

how the tables have turned, eh?

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