This kid just literally woke up this morning and realized I can no longer just do what I please: go out on spend a month taking pictures, just enjoying myself out on the land. I know people who are going to be in real trouble soon due to losing their jobs, not having firewood, maybe not having enough to eat. And getting mad at the people deliberately causing this mayhem is not going to accomplish anything.

We’re going to need each other like never before in this country of ours. We’re going to need to support the weaker ones and the unprepared and the sick and the dying because we will never forgive ourselves if we do not, and just stand by while they perish all around us.

This is not a time to enrich ourselves, to profit from disaster like some others may choose to do. Their god is their stomachs and their greed and their selfishness will be their undoing.

If we do not stand together we will all fall alone and no one will be there to pick us up. So today I’m going to start by bringing some wood to that old lady I know who is running out, and i’m going to have to fight my way through 3 and four feet of snow to some stand of dead trees and get more in the weeks and months to come so people stay warm, permit or no permit, and anyone who tries to stop me will have to use physical force to do that because I intend to move the goods to the people who need them, be they branded or unbranded, native or not, sick or healthy, addicts or recovering and may God give me the strength to truly “do the right thing” and to love my neighbor as myself.

As for the rulers and overlords, let us leave them there with their own masters and overlords whom they have chosen for themselves as their personal friends and whom they constantly serve. They have lost all legitimacy to govern the rest of us due to the disasters into which they are leading us. And as for you and me , standing here where earth meets sky, let’s see what we can do today to help our neighbors and friends get through this precious “dark winter” of theirs and leave them there with all their comforts around them, repeating their useless tattered, monotone and repetitious phrases endlessly to themselves as we build work and play together in a country where the only laws we really need are to love God and love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Or just be like this if you prefer…

when all your friends realize you owe more than you can possibly repay…

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