the wise old banker

Some guy’s life is a wreck so he decides he needs a loan for his revolutionary business idea. He approaches his banker with his clever idea and requests a million dollar loan. When the banker asks for collateral he pulls a penny from the watch pocket of his old patched jeans and sets it on the desk in front of the banker expectantly.

The banker looks it over with a practised eye and says, “you’re joking, right?”

“No Sir, I am not!” says Some Guy. “You see, it’s actually worth a million dollars. All you have to do is double it every day for about  30 days and there you are! Simple like that!”

The wise old banker furrows his brow, and says, ” all right, your loan will be deposited in your account this afternoon.

Excitedly, Some Guy checks his balance later that day and discovers his balance has indeed risen by a million bucks. Turns out the banker is a gullible fool. There are a few of them walking around out there and Some Guy just happened to hit one at his first day at work.

This story is totally unrelated to PCR testing for the virus which requires a doubling of the original sample up to 40 times before it is detectable and you become a case! And anyone who believes that something is so dangerous that it has to be doubled 40 times in order to even be detected by a scientist in a fully-equipped modern lab… is that banker!

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